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Introduction to Listings  
The listings on this site detail stamp and postal stationery printers (but largely only where postage stamp production also occurred) from 1840 to date.

Sources used include new issue reports, articles, catalogues, handbooks, company literature and the Internet. The compiler undertook considerable private correspondence with companies to ensure accuracy.

The listings do not include every place known to have issued stamps, for it would resemble a catalogue of countries and territories, most without stamp printers names against them. So, places like Bremen, Nabha, Bijawar and dozens more one-time stamp-issuers are excluded. However, if stamp printing, overprinting or surcharging did occur in the place named, then they will be listed. Current, non-stamp printing countries are included, invariably with a record of the name that the country became.

The listing does not claim completeness - that elusive dream of collectors, but it is hoped that it will be a useful tool, especially to those with a special interest in the history of security printers or those who specialise in the output of one particular country.

Each entry in the Printers pages has adopted the same style. Not all entries include all information, as some data proved impossible to track down. In these cases, entries bear phrases such as [when?], [where?], etc., in place of missing information. It is hoped that anyone who can supply the information will treat these phrases as 'triggers' to contact the webmaster. Additional information will then be included in the regular updates to this site.

Searching by Company Name
To search by company name - especially when you are unsure of the country / countries from which it operates - it is suggested that you enter the name into the Google search engine (to be found at the top right corner of every web page), as this will find all incidences of a specific printer name over the entire web-site, including mention in locations that you may not immediately think of and would therefore otherwise miss.