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postmark cards


My early effort at tracing postmark postcards appeared in the British Philatelic Bulletin for October 1990, followed by additions and corrections to the listing in November 1992. The data was superseded by the serial article I contributed to the Quarterly Bulletin of the British Postmark Society in four instalments, published in the issues for October 1994 and January, April and July 1995, to which the following refers. I kept notes on the subject until about mid-1999, now transcribed here in October 2001.         J.N.

Delete square-bracketed note: an example of the Christmas and New Year card was subsequently acquired.

Congress took place 13-16 June 1939, but FD pmk was 14.6.39 and Last Day 17.6.39. This was confirmed by replies to my survey of Congress postmarks for the BPS Quarterly Bulletin, July 1994 and July 1995

Card now seen serviced: machine cancel WINDSOR / BERKS. 2-PM / 10 OCT / 1958.
The important Postal History Society series of postmark postcards, inaugurated at this Conference, had been suggested originally by Adrian Hopkins. The designer of the Windsor card, W.G. Stitt Dibden, stated that the postmark dates are those for which he had seen examples, rather than being an indication of period of use.

1959  LARGS
The sto card cancelled double ring LARGS 1.10.59 and addressed to Bradford was in Roger Hudson’s GB postal history list 1.10.96, item N157.

Card now seen serviced: Hereford 4 / 5.30 PM / 29 SEP 60 cds.

Cachets seen on back (lower left) in black: stepped LYNN / SHIP LETTER with P.H.S. CONFERENCE / OCT. 1962 below.

Two further covers (Grand Hotel, Lyndhurst stationery) supplement markings described in original entry and addendum: (1) The stamp cancelled single ring LYNDHURST / F / 9 OC / 64 /HANTS, in black. The 89 LYND / HURST cachet in red in slogan position, tying stamp. (2) Stamp cancelled double ring LYNDHURST / HANTS dated 10 OC 64, the 64 indistinct. The 89 LYND / HURST cachet to left plus 487 triangular die struck lower left. All markings bright blue. Front also has (narrow) red diamond. Back with two superimposed slogan postmarks LONDON 12 OCT 1964.

Cachets seen: circular POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY / CONFERENCE in blue, also strike of barred-oval D82 in black.

Cachets seen: on card (a) strike of barred-oval D82 in black; on card (b) Conference circular cachet in red. According to Roger Hudson’s GB postal history list (Nov 1992/S163) the error “Cardiganshire” was corrected to “Carnaervon” by overprinting, but on which card not stated. Not seen.

The special postmark 1512 was designed by Brigadier George Viner, according to the P.H.S. Conference report in Stamp Collecting Vol.115 (15 Oct 1970) p.419. The postcard monogram, noted as “C.V.” should probably be read as “G.V.”, as Brigadier Viner seems to have designed this too.

1971  JERSEY
Society’s circular cachet of 1965 modified by deletion of “21st”, now reading POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY / CONFERENCE, seen struck to right of illustration on back.

1983  BATH
The 3-card set now seen: narrates Bath postal history, with pmk illustrations for 1706-1844 [a 4th card is non-pmk illustrated].

The quantity of 1000 was split between two printings: 1st on thin card with grey-black ink, qty 500; 2nd on thick card with jet-black ink, qty 500.

1985  WORCESTER (1)
The card was re-used for Opening of New Brierley Hill Delivery Office, 12 Oct 1998. [Sp.pmk No. not noted.]

The reprinted card was re-used with a cachet at the Hampshire Convention 19 Oct 1996. See 1996 Petersfield, below.

Card qty 1000 (FD 150).

Card qty 1000 (FD 150).

The dates of the 70th PCGB should read “22-25 Sep”.

Card designer: L.C.Stanway.

The card was for the 22nd anniversary of the Basildon PS and designed by L.C.Stanway. Seen serviced: BASILDON / ESSEX 21 APR 1990 cds.

Qty should read: 35 sets on cream paper and 25 sets on white paper.
Unissued card. For Worthing promotion. 15 pmks, 1 ship letter and Select Sunny Worthing slogan LP 483t. On cream paper, 148 x 110mm. Qty 8 (2 sheets of 4) produced but unissued. Des. J.E.O.Hobbs. Except for slogan, same pmks illustrated as used on the 2 issued cards (a) – Handstamps of Worthing.

Card qty 250.

Card qty 200.

Card qty 500 (FD 100).

Card qty 700, of which FD serviced 300 at 2nd Class plus 20 at 1st Class.

The item described was on thick card and des. J.E.O.Hobbs. Qty 200 (FD 75).
Special reprint. On thin card with redesigned Penny Black, des. J.E.O.Hobbs. Qty 80. Produced as place cards for the Anniversary Dinner only, not further distributed.

Card qty 250 (FD 75). Additional servicing with SE Ph.29: CARDIFF PHILATELIC COUNTER -6 MAY ’95.

New Entries

One of two cards for 21st PHS Conference, The Hague, 15-21 Sep 1965. Front: The Harwich Packet 1794 from watercolour in Netherlands Postal Museum; inset 5 Ship Letter marks. Des. W.G.Stitt Dibden. [Note: Conference 2nd card “The Harwich Pacquet 1668” is a map with no pmk illustrations.]

The 2 cards seen serviced two ways: (a) with boxed cachet in black ZEELAND S.S. Co. / 15 SEP 1965 / m.s. Koningin Emma, a GB stamp pmkd HARWICH / ESSEX cds 8.45 PM / 17 SEP / 1965 with wavy lines; (b) with Dutch stamp, pmkd Hellevortsluis 2 -16 IX 65; also ’sGRAVENHAGE – NEDERLANDS POSTMUSEUM, 2 cds’s seen dated 17.IX.65 and 21.IX.65. Cacheted circular POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY / 21st / CONFERENCE in blue, also circular (?Museum) posthorn type in black.

For 36th PHS Conference, Weymouth, 3 Oct. Card 150 x 98mm with plain back, presumably an envelope filler. Front inscr at head POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY / 1980 CONFERENCE; at foot 3rd-6th OCTOBER / Gloucester Hotel, Weymouth. Between the inscriptions an oval and a stepped Ship Letter marking for Weymouth.

According to the AEPS Handbook 1993, the cover for the Association’s 46th Stamp Day on 26 May 1990 contained a postmark postcard for the Sudbury & District PS 25th anniversary. Not seen.

By Middlesbrough PS for North-East of England PA Convn, 13 Apr. Sketch map of public-railway network between Bishop Auckland and Redcar, constructed 1825-46, each station identified with double-arc postmark. Cream stock, plain back. Sold in sets of 6, with one operational handstamp per card from: Bishop Auckland, Shildon, Darlington, Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough and Redcar, all dated 13 Apr 1996. Qty 1000 (FD 360). Additionally serviced (qty 150) with York Post Shop philatelic handstamp 12 APR 1996. These cards bear a 25p North Yorkshire Moors Railway Letter Stamp of 1.9.94 cancelled with N.Y.M.R. LEVISHAM / BOOKING OFFICE 12 APR 1996 cds and cacheted TO BE POSTED ON ARRIVAL AT PICKERING STATION.

For 27th Convn Fedn of South Wales PSs, Port Talbot, 27 Apr. 10 pmks. Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Welsh PS, back of serviced cards bearing vermilion souvenir label tied with bilingual circular cachet. Qty 250 (FD 115). Serviced PORT TALBOT / WEST GLAM. cds, but all dated in error as 27 APR 1995: the reserve die first used for 1995 Convention failed to have its year changed.

The 1987 reprinted card re-used for Hampshire Philatelic Federation Convention, Petersfield, 19 Oct. Back: (in message space) cachet in blue HAMPEX ’96 / Petersfield / 19th October 1996. Serviced single ring PETERSFIELD HANTS 19 OCT 96 / 6-30 AM cds.

1996  BOLTON (3)
For Bolton PS Exh & Fair, 26 Oct. Series numbered (3). Combined Bolton Coat of Arms in colour with 11 undated-circle pmks; card glazed on front. Qty 500 (FD 150). Serviced at Bolton Head P.O. with BOLTON LANCS / Post Office 26.OC.96 datestamp.

By Redditch PS for 25th Anniv Fair, 16 Nov. 7 early pmks. Qty 1000 (FD 200). Serviced REDDITCH / WORCS. cds dated NOV 16 1996. Available also with cachet of Society logo inscr REDDITCH / PHILATELIC / SOCIETY / 1971-1996 struck in green in message space.

By East Worthing SC for inaugural meeting, 6 Jan. 6 pmks 1881-1985. Des. J.E.O.Hobbs. Qty 250 (FD 100). Serviced FIRST DAY OF ISSUE WORTHING / 6 JAN 1997 (for Flowers greetings stamps).

For 28th Convn Fedn of South Wales PSs, Port Talbot, 3 May. Celebrates 50th Anniv Newport PS. 9 pmks of Newport, Mon. Serviced PORT TALBOT / WEST GLAM. cds dated 03 MAY 1997.

1997  MARPLE
By Marple & District PS for 50th Anniv, 9 May. 8 pmks. Qty 700 (FD 160). Of FD: 140 cancelled reverse on 1st Class 1997 self-adhesive, of which 50 signed; 20 signed cards cancelled obverse on 1st Class Gold definitive. Signature Sydney Dobson, Hon. Life Member. Serviced MARPLE / STOCKPORT cds dated 9 MAY 1997.

For 30th Convn Fedn of South Wales PSs, Port Talbot, 1 May. 9 pmks + 2 instructional marks. Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Cardiff & South Wales PS. Serviced (first use of) bilingual cds PORTH TALBOT / 1 5 1999 / PORT TALBOT.

Acknowledgement. My reiterated appreciation to valued fellow-students of postmark postcards, Arthur Roberts, of Marple, and the late Reg Gibson, of Plymouth. Both were meticulous in sharing their knowledge of this absorbing section of souvenir collecting over many years. J.N.