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Having retired completely from philatelic activity, I have disposed of all the stamps, reference books and papers used during the writing. In these circumstances I am not soliciting correspondence and will not be replying to enquiries about anything in this compilation. James Negus, July 2003.

The above copyright waiver only applies to pages on this web-site that bear this waiver at the head of the page. All other pages are fully protected by international copyright law and may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the copyright holder, Glenn H Morgan FRPSL.

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1970 to 1979


31 Jan  6th York Coin & Stamp Fair       
                                                SC  GB Battle of Hastings.

25 Feb  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  UN miniature sheet.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                SF  do. Specimen folder.
                                                PV  Interphil label attd to SS.
                                                CV  Inscr. United Nations for SS.
                                                CA  Circular 30 Years Stampex.
                                                PM  25 Feb-1 Mar pmk 2751.

 8 Mar  Northants PS Stamp Fair           
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2756.

 8 Mar  Post Sty & Stamp Exh, Swindon     
                                                CF  Impressed p + 4p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2757.

15 Mar  Rhyl Philatelic Exhibition       
                                                SS  GB H.M.Stanley.

 5 Apr  Railway Phc Grp Convn, Leicester  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2768.

17 Apr  Polphilex 75, London              
                                                SS  ---?.
                                                PC  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2775, FD 20 Apr.

19 Apr  Portsmouth Stamp Fair            
                                                SO  Warship 4p STO.
                                                SO  HMS Victory 4p STO.
                                                CV  Ill. HMS Victory.

19 Apr  Scottish Phc Congress, Stirling  
                                                CV  Chalmers essays.
                                                IS  Dundee mails 1837.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2774.

24 Apr  Brighton Stamp Show              
                                                SS  GB Scout Jamboree.
           [event assumed ..]   CF  7p p.sty postcard optd +10p for Postal History Museum.

26 Apr  Postal History Exh, Glasgow      
                                                CV  Ill. as 1890 S Ken Jubilee.
                                                CV  1d red & Glasgow duplex pmk.
                                                CA  Carried by Mail Coach.
                                                CA  Princess Margaret Visit (13 May).
                                                PC  Glasgow postmarks.
                                                SC  1890 S.Ken cover as blk print.
                                                IS  Glasgow cancellations.
                                                PM  26 Apr-17 May pmk 2788.

26 Apr  26th NEPA Convention, Sunderland
                                                CV  Ill. Sunderland Tramway.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2789.

26 Apr  Essex Stamp Day, Braintree       
                                                CF  Penny Post map, 4p p sty.
                                                CA  Braintree Penny Post walk.

 3 May  Southampton Stamp Fair           
                                                SC  Rowland Hill medallion.
                                                PV  Optd Stamp World London 90.

 6 May  Festival of Stamps, London       
                                                BK  GB 1975 Heritage perfins.
                                                CV  Big Ben.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2797.

 6 May  Nat Stp Day Stamp Fair, London   
                                                SS  GB 1925 Wembley.
                                                CV  With p self-adhesive.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2798.

 8 May  North West Showpex               
                                                SS  GB Red Cross Centenary.

17 May  Austrian Stp Club Exh, Manchester
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2810.

 1 Jun  1st Stamp & Coin Fair, Belfast   
                                                CV  Inscr. & logo.
                                                CA  Logo in red.

 3 Jun  57th Phc Congress, Leicester     
                                                CV  [x4] Congress days.
                                                PM  [x2] 3 & 5 Jun pmk 2821; [x2] 4 & 6 Jun pmk 2822.

28 Jun  Camberley Stamp Fair             
                                                SC  IOM essay.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.

28 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth            
                                                SS  Ocean Penny Postage.
                                                CV  Version on envelope.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2877.

18 Aug  2nd Aberconwy PS Exhibition      
                                                SS  Welsh regionals.
                                                CV  SS design printed on envelope.

23 Aug  Stockton Rly Exh, Darlington     
                                                CV  Locomotive progress 150 years.
                                                CA  Coin & Stamp Exh: black (23rd), red (25th), green (26th).
                                                CA  Railway Thematic Group Congress (24th).
                                                IS  Cover-illustrated locomotives.

 9 Sep  Showpex 75, London               
                                                SS  GB KGVI high values.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2920 (blk or vio).

 8 Oct  Post Sty & Stps Exh, Swindon      
                                                CF  Impressed p + 4p.

29 Oct  BPE, London                      
                                                SS  GB 1925 Wembley, blue.
                                                PE  do. Presn edn., emerald.
                                                CV  BPE emblem & Wembley Lion.
                                                CV  Bridger & Kay Wembley Lion.
                                                PM  29 Oct-1 Nov pmk 2957.


30 Jan  7th York Coin & Stamp Fair       
                                                SC  GB Public Railway.

24 Feb  Stampex, London                  
                                                SC  US Independence.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                SF  do. Specimen folder.
                                                PL  Exh inscr, vert, rose ppr.
                                                SH  of 12 x PL.
                                                CV  Mailcoach Trophy, 1976 date.
                                                CV  Inscr. 1776-1976 for SS.
                                                CA  Rect, 200 Years USA.
                                                PM  24-28 Feb pmk 2979.

 6 Mar  Northants PS Stamp Fair           
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2984.

 6 Mar  Essex Spring Rally, Rayleigh      
                                                PC  ---?.

29 Mar  Forest Philharmonic Soc, London  
                                                SC  Scout Jubilee.

 8 Apr  North-West Showpex, Manchester   
                                                SS  Concorde.

10 Apr  Middlesex Convention, Greenford  
                                                PC  Ealing postmarks/Mulready.

10 Apr  IOM Fedn 1st Convn, Castletown    
                                                SS  Island map
                                                SS  do. Postponed opt.
                                                AE  Cacheted IOM 7p+4p aerogramme.

24 Apr  Polphilex 76, London             
                                                PC  Inscr. Olympic Games.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2999.

24 Apr  Scottish Phc Congress, Stirling  
                                                CV  Ship John Biscoe.
                                                IS  Biography of John Biscoe.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3000.

 6 May  National Stamp Day, London SW1   
                                                PF  GB 8p Telephone perfin.
                                                CV  Ascension etc. Fest of Stps.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3005.

 6 May  3rd Nat Stp Day Stp Fair, London
                                                SS  GB Jubilee prussian blue.
                                                CV  Nelson's Column.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3006.

 7 May  Brighton Stamp Fair              
                                                SS  Franklin painting.

15 May  Collectorex 76 Exh, Dublin        
                                                PC  Mails Ireland-America.

22 May  Camberley Stamp Fair             
                                                SC  Washington portrait.
                                                PV  do., Interphil opt.

 1 Jun  58th Phc Congress, Plymouth      
                                                BK  PS logo, 1p & 2p Machins.
                                                CV  [x4] Ill. for each day.
                                                CV  Inscr. Masonic Phc Club 2 Jun.
                                                PM  1-4 Jun [NI:2] pmk 3018.

24 Jun  Postcd & Post Hist Salon, London
                                                PC  Victorian gentleman.
                                                CA  Salon cds.
                                                PM  24-26 Jun pmk 3034.

26 Jun  3rd Rhyl PS Exhibition            
                                                CV  Rhyl Town Hall.
                                                SC? ditto.

26 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth            
                                                SS  GB Concorde essay.
                                                PE  do. Special ptg on card.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3075.

21 Aug  Polish Art Fest & Phc Show, Hove  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3092.

 7 Sep  Showpex 76, London               
                                                SS  GB Festival of Britain.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3109.

29 Sep  BPE, London                      
                                                SS  Jersey Arms, grey paper.
                                                PE  do. Presn edn., green ppr.
                                                IS  Inf sheet on SS.
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                CV  SS + 20p Jersey stamp.
                                                CA  Heraldic lions on shield.
                                                PM  29 Sep-2 Oct [NI:29] pmk 3136.

 2 Oct  Southend PS Diamond Jubilee      
                                                PL  Exhibition details & logo.
                                                CV  Inscr & logo.
                                                CV  do. signed R.A.Gay.


 1 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  GB Royal Events designs.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                PM  1-5 Mar [NI:2] pmk 3172.

 2 Apr  NEPA Convention, Newcastle       
                                                CV  Ill. Metro.
                                                IS  Supertram insert.
                                                CA  Carried by Supertram.

17 Apr  Polphilex 77, London             
                                                PC  [x2] Military crests.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3189, FD 19 Apr.

18 Apr  Silver Jubilee Exh, NPM           
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 2939 18 Apr-18 Jun [+NI 11 May].

18 Apr  Jubilee Phc Exh, Cardiff          
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 2940 18 Apr-18 Jun [+NI 11 May, 15 Jun].

18 Apr  Jubilee Phc Exh, Edinburgh       
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 2941 18 Apr-18 Jun [+NI 11 May, 15 Jun].

18 Apr  Beamish Phc Weekend, Co.Durham   
                                                CV  Gateshead Post Tram.
                                                IS  Carriage by Tram.
                                                CA  Carried on Post Tram.

21 Apr  North West Showpex, Manchester   
                                                SS  GB Festival high values.

23 Apr  Scottish Phc Congress, Stirling  
                                                CV  Ill. Edinburgh Castle.
                                                IS  Brunswick Star/Edin 1d Post.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3192.

 6 May  National Stamp Day, London SE1   
                                                LC  Jubilee black prints.
                                                PF  GB 8p Chemistry perfin.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3204.

 6 May  Nat Stp Day Stp Fair, London WC1
                                                SS  GB 1953 Coronation.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3205.

11 May  Silver Jub, Stp Coll Prom Ccl    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3214 [+NI].

11 May  Stamp of Royalty Exh, Glasgow    
                                                SF  QE Silver Jub set affixed.
                                                CV  Inscr. for Exhibition.
                                                CA  Jubilee Tour Glasgow.
                                                PM  11-21 May [NI:11] pmk 3219.

11 May  Hayling Is PS Silver Jubilee     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3220 [+NI].

11 May  Weymouth & Portland Phc Exh      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3222 [+NI].

31 May  59th Phc Congress, Blackpool     
                                                CV  Inscr for Silver Jubilee.
                                                IS  Loyal Greetings to Queen.
                                                PM  31 May-3 Jun pmk 3265.

 3 Jun  Edinburgh PS Exhibition          
                                                SS  GB Edinburgh Castle.
                                                PC  Edinburgh postmarks
                                                BK  [x2] Scots regionals.
                                                CV  Edinburgh Castle.
                                                CA  Assn of Scottish PSs emblem (4 Jun).
                                                IS  Penny Post/Brunswick Star.
                                                CA  Alba Stp Grp emblem (5 Jun).
                                                PM  3-5 Jun pmk 3273.

 4 Jun  Windsor Jubilee Stamp Exh        
                                                SS  Portrait of The Queen.

 6 Jun  Exeter Jubilee Balloon Race      
                                                BK  GB 1977 Jubilee stamps

25 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth            
                                                SS  GB Jubilee prussian blue.
                                                PE  do. Special ptg on card.
                                                CV  SS ptg on envelope.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3347.

 6 Sep  Showpex 77, London               
                                                SS  GB QV Jubilee issue.
                                                PV  do., Royal Wedding 1981.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3380.

17 Oct  50th Ann P.O. Railway, London    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3414.

19 Oct  BPE, London                      
                                                SS  Guernsey Europa, white ppr.
                                                PE  do. Presn edn., yellow ppr.
                                                PE  Trade sample, no grey.
                                                IS  Inf sheet on SS.
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                CV  SS + Guernsey stps pmk 17 May.
                                                CA  BPE cds.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3417.

22 Oct  SW Scotland Exh, Paisley         
                                                CV  Jubilee stamps.


28 Feb  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  Cwth Coronation anniversary.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                SF  do. Specimen folder.
                                                PL  Exh inscr, vert, green ppr.
                                                CV  Inscr. Silver Jubilee for SS.
                                                CA  Coach, Coronation.
                                                PM  28 Feb-4 Mar [NI:1] pmk 3463.

15 Apr  Scottish Phc Congress, Stirling  
                                                CV  First Ayr PO Tercentenary.
                                                SC  Town of Air c.1678.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3492.

22 Apr  29th NEPA Convention, Spennymoor
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                IS  Sedgefield welcomes industry.
                                                CA  Carried to Parliament.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3494.

22 Apr  18th Wilts Phc Convn, Swindon    
                                                CV  Swindon Station postmarks.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3495.

29 Apr  Forces Phc Display, Brighton      
                                                PM  29 Apr-1 May pmk 3502.

 6 May  National Stamp Day, London SE1   
                                                PF  GB 9p Architecture perfin.
                                                CV  Union Jack.
                                                IS  Festival of Stamps stiffener.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3509.

20 May  34th Essex Convention, Brentwood  
                                                BK  5 Wildlife se-tenant strip.

30 May  60th Phc Congress, Worthing       
                                                CA  Carried on Bluebell Rly 2 Jun.
                                                PM  30 May-2 Jun [NI:31] pmk 3534.

31 May  Coron Exh, Cameo Stp Centre      
                                                CV  Ill. State Coach.
                                                IS  Coronation 25th ann. stamps.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3542 [+NI].

 2 Jun  Windsor Stamp Exhibition         
                                                SS  Coronation photograph.
                                                PV  do., Jersey Royal Visit.
                                                PV  do., Guernsey Royal Visit.
                                                PV  do., Alderney Royal Visit.

 5 Jul  Horses on Stamps Exh, Havering   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3593 [+NI].

31 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth            
                                                SS  GB Coronation essays.
                                                PE  do. Special ptg on card.
                                                TP  SS essay, different captions.
                                                CV  SS ptg on envelope.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3624.

 5 Sep  Showpex 78, London                
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3656.

 7 Oct  IOM Phc Fedn 3rd Convn, Ramsey   
                                                AE  Cacheted Forces Air Letter.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk M54.

18 Oct  BPE, London                      
                                                SS  Gibraltar essay, white ppr.
                                                PE  do. Presn edn., olive ppr.
                                                PL  Tudor Rose, horiz, vermilion.
                                                CV  SS + Gibraltar stp pmk 12 Jun.
                                                CA  Keys of Gibraltar, red.
                                                PM  18-21 Oct pmk 3695.

 4 Nov  StampEssex 78, Maldon             
                                                PC  Hythe Quay [pmkd 19.1.79].
                                                CA  Paquebot.

 8 Nov  Harmers Diamond Jubilee, London   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3711.

11 Nov  Polish Phts 20th Anniv, London    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3714.

18 Nov  History of Phy Exh, Warwick      
                                                PM  18-30 Nov [NI:22] pmk 3717.

 1 Dec  Gibraltar Post Hist Exh, Warwick  
                                                PM  1-30 Dec pmk 3732.


 2 Jan  Jamaica Stps & PH Exh, Warwick    
                                                PM  2-31 Jan pmk 3738.

 1 Feb  NZ Pictorial Issue Exh, Warwick  
                                                PM  1-28 Feb [NI:7] pmk 3747.

12 Feb  NPM 10th Anniversary             
                                                EF  Inscr. Impressed 9p.
                                                PM  NPM Maltese Cross.

27 Feb  Stampex, London                   
                                                PL  Exh inscr, vert, yellow ppr.
                                                SH  of 16 x PL.
                                                SS  Rowland Hill.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                SF  do. Specimen folder.
                                                CV  Inscr. Rowland Hill for SS.
                                                CA  Maltese Cross.
                                                PM  27 Feb-3 Mar pmk 3753.

 1 Mar  Egypt Stamp Exh, Warwick         
                                                PM  1-31 Mar [NI:21] pmk 3756.

 2 Apr  GB Forgeries Exh, Warwick         
                                                PM  2-30 Apr pmk 3774.

 7 Apr  30th NEPA Convention, Newcastle  
                                                CV  Civic Centre.
                                                IS  NE Philately insert.
                                                CA  Carried by Brewers Dray.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3780.

17 Apr  Cornwall Postal Services, Truro  
                                                PM  Sp. FD pmk 3786 for postcard.

21 Apr  50th Scot Phc Congress, Stirling
                                                CV  Plane at Lanark Air Show 1910.
                                                CA  Flown by Jetranger Helicopter.
                                                SC  Lanark pioneer aviation.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3790.

26 Apr  North West Showpex, Manchester   
                                                SS  GB UPU.

27 Apr  Bath Postal Museum Opens         
                                                CV  Museum entrance & mailcoach.
                                                CA  Carried Bath-London train.
                                                IS  The Story of the Post.
                                                CA  Carried by Concorde.
                                                CA  Carried by balloon.
                                                CA  Carried by helicopter.
                                                CA  Carried by pigeon.
                                                CA  Carried by bicycle.
                                                CA  Carried by mailcoach.
                                                CA  Carried by submarine Sealion.
                                                CA  Carried on horseback.
                                                CA  Carried by ship MV Senlac.
                                                CA  Carried by Hovercraft.
                                                CA  Carried by postbus.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3794.

28 Apr  ?Hants Fedn Convn, Petersfield   
                                                CA  Petersfield PS logo.

 1 May  Barbados Stamp Exh, Warwick      
                                                PM  1-31 May [NI:9] pmk 3801.

 4 May  London Stamp Fair                
                                                SS  Portugal Rowland Hill.

 9 May  Stamp Week, Cameo Stamp Centre   
                                                CV  Flags, Europa Day.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3806 [+NI].

19 May  Monte Cassino Exhibition, London  
                                                CV  Ill. Army insignia.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3823.

19 May  Chelmsford PS Diamond Jubilee    
                                                CF  High St, 9p post sty.

26 May  BAOR Stamp-ex, Hohne              
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3830.

 1 Jun  Nauru Postal Hist Exh, Warwick   
                                                CA  Nauru flag & Exh inscription.
                                                PM  1-30 Jun [NI:6] pmk 3838.

 6 Jun  Eurocrest Hotel 1st Colln, Edinb
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3847.

22 Jun  Polish POW Phc Exh, London        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3871.

 2 Jul  Rhodesia Phc Exh, Warwick        
                                                PM  2-31 Jul [NI:11] pmk 3886.

30 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth            
                                                SS  GB first adhesives.
                                                PE  do. Special ptg on card.
                                                CV  Sir Rowland Hill portrait.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3929.

 1 Aug  Rowland Hill Cent Exh, Warwick   
                                                PM  1-21 & 23-31 Aug pmk 3935.

 4 Aug  Rowland Hill Exh, Kidderminster  
                                                PM  4 Aug-1 Sep [NI:22] pmk 3940.

13 Aug  Millennium P Hist Exh, Douglas   
                                                AE  [x6] Cacheted IOM 10p a'grms.
                                                PM  13-18 Aug pmk M76.

22 Aug  Bruce Castle Museum, London      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3961 [+NI].

22 Aug  Rowland Hill Exh, Bath Post Mus  
                                                CF  7p postal sty, Bath opt on 1975 Brighton card.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3962 [+NI].

22 Aug  R Hill Centenary, Kidderminster  
                                                PM  FD Sp. pmk S75.

22 Aug  Hill Commem Coach Run, Birmingham
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3963.

22 Aug  Hill Coach Run, Kidderminster    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3964.

22 Aug  Rowland Hill 1795-1879, Coventry
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3965.

22 Aug  Hill 1795-1879, Stratford on Avon
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3966.

22 Aug  Hill Commem Delivery, Rayleigh   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3968.

25 Aug  London-Paris 1919 Air, Hatfield  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3973.

 1 Sep  St Gabriel 25th Ann Exh, London   
                                                CV  Lady Chapel, St Pauls.
                                                CV  do. signed Jennifer Toombs.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3979.

 1 Sep  61st Phc Congress, Harrogate     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3982.

 1 Sep  Zeppelin Mail Exh, Warwick       
                                                PM  1-29 Sep [NI:26] pmk 3983.

 4 Sep  Showpex 79, London               
                                                SS  Grenada Int Year of Child.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3985.

 5 Sep  Polish Phc Exhibition, London     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 3986.

29 Sep  Phc Music Circle 10th Ann, London
                                                CV  Sir Thomas Beecham.
                                                CV  do. signed Jennifer Toombs.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 4025.

29 Sep  Amersham PS 21st Ann Exhibition                 
                                                CV  Bldg, Amersham mileage mark.
                                                CA  Victorian Lamp Letter Box.
                                                IS  Amersham postmarks.
                                                BK  p, 1p, 2p Machins.

 1 Oct  PUC 1929 Exhibition, Warwick     
                                                PM  1-31 Oct [NI:24] pmk 4031.

 3 Oct  Phc Centre Postcard, Norwich     
                                                PM  Sp. FD pmk 4033.

13 Oct  Assn Austrian Phts Exh, London   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 4037.

24 Oct  Bruce Castle Museum, London       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 4050 [+NI].

24 Oct  R Hill, Cartoonists, Horley      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 4052.

 1 Nov  Air Mails Exhibition, Warwick    
                                                PM  1-30 Nov [NI:21] pmk 4060.

 3 Nov  Essex Autumn Rally, Colchester    
                                                PC  1st Colchester pmks card.
                                                PE  Pmks card on yellow paper.

 3 Nov  Interpostal 79 Exh, London       
                                                CV  Ill. Rowland Hill.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 4062.

10 Nov  Peterborough PS Golden Jub Exh    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 4069.

14 Nov  BPE, Wembley                     
                                                SS  GB 1 PUC, purple.
                                                PE  do. Presn edn., orange.
                                                IS  Inf sheet on SS.
                                                CV  Inscr and Tudor Rose.
                                                CV  50th Anniv 1929 PUC.
                                                CA  Pict cachet Wembley Centre.
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 3239, 15 Oct-17 Nov.
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 3240, ditto.
                                                PM  14-17 Nov pmk 4073.

17 Nov  Stamp & Coin Exh, Coventry        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 4075 (small).

21 Nov  ditto                      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 4076 (large) for NI.

26 Nov  150th Anniv Swindon P.O.         
                                                PM  Sp. FD pmk 4088 for SWPR8.

 1 Dec  100 Yrs of Stamps Exh, Warwick    
                                                PM  1-31 Dec pmk 4091.

 6 Dec  Stampex Ulster, Belfast          
                                                PM  6-8 Dec pmk 4092.

(Unpublished. Written in 1994)