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Having retired completely from philatelic activity, I have disposed of all the stamps, reference books and papers used during the writing. In these circumstances I am not soliciting correspondence and will not be replying to enquiries about anything in this compilation. James Negus, July 2003.

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1970 to 1974


21 Feb  Scout Collrs Club Exh, London                                               
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1218, FD 22 Feb.

 3 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                CV  Inscr. for Philympia.
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 1452, 23 Feb-1 Mar.
                                                PM  3-7 Mar [NI:3] pmk 1224.

21 Mar  Aldridge Phc Exhibition           
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1232.

 1 Apr  Crimean War Anniv BFPO 1206      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1241 (Crimean War).

11 Apr  Isle of Thanet Jubilee, Ramsgate  CV  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1249.

11 Apr  21st NEPA Convention, Durham     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1251.

18 Apr  Gabriel Convention, London       
                                                CV  Ill. Notre Dame statue.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1260.

23 Apr  Lodz Branch, Scophilex Visit     
                                                CV  Glasgow GPO 1840.
                                                CV  do., signed George Smith.
                                                CA  Scottish-Polish Assn., green.
                                                IS  Glasgow GPO, English/Polish.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1262.

24 Apr  Glasgow PS Jubilee, Scophilex    
                                                CV  As 23 Apr.
                                                IS  As 23 Apr.
                                                CA  Australia 1770-1970 & map.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1263.

24 Apr  German-Brit Phc Exh, RAF Bruggen
                                                PM  24-26 Apr pmk 1265.

25 Apr  Scottish Phc Cong, Glasgow       
                                                CV  As 23 Apr Scophilex.
                                                IS  do.
                                                CA  Scotland v. England Football.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1264.

25 Apr  20th Middx Phc Convn, Wembley    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1266.

25 Apr  Midland Phc Fedn, Solihull        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1267.

25 Apr  S Wales Phc Convn, Swansea        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1268.

 2 May  10th Wiltshire Fedn Convn, Bath  
                                                CV  Ill. 1d black.
                                                IS  130th Anniv 1d black.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1279.

 9 May  23rd Kent Fedn Convn, Sidcup     
                                                CV  Kent Oasthouses.
                                                PC  Balloon Mail.
                                                PC  Le Bourget-Lympne flown (1 May), French stamp.
                                                CV  Balloon Mail.
                                                CA  Eiffel Tower.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1287.

13 May  Leeds PS 80th Anniv Exhibition    
                                                CV  Leeds Town Hall.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1293.

14 May  Dortmund Stamp Exh, Leeds        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1294.

15 May  Leeds PS 80th Anniversary        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1295.

15 May  Thematics Int Stp Exh, Luton     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1298.

16 May  24th Yorks Convention, Leeds     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1296.                                                

16 May  26th Essex Convn, Colchester     
                                                CV  Buildings, Oyster symbol.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1299.

30 May  10th NW Fedn Convn, Stockport    
                                                CV  Lyme Hall, Disley.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1316.

31 May  Gospels on Stps Exh, Birmingham  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1321.

 3 Jun  Dickens Centenary, Chigwell      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1325 (E78 duplex).

 6 Jun  Polish Stamp Exhibition, London   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1334.

 9 Jun  52nd Phc Congress, Folkestone    
                                                CV  Map Channel routes, ? col.
                                                PM  [x4] 9-12 Jun pmks 1339-42.

 4 Jul  Thatcham PS, Newbury              
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1383.

 4 Jul  Edenbridge Phc Exhibition        
                                                CV  Ill. Church.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1386.

 4 Jul  Glastonbury Stamp Exhibition     
                                                CV  Glastonbury Abbey Church.
                                                CA  Posted from Top of the Tor.

 4 Jul  Glastonbury Stamp Exhibition     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1387.

11 Jul  Chester Philatelic Exhibition    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1397.

13 Jul  Phc Stand, Enterprise Exh, Nottm  
                                                PM  13-25 Jul [NI:15] pmk 1403.

12 Sep  Polish Culture Phc Exh, London    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1466.

12 Sep  Norwest Ulsterex, Limavady        
                                                PM  [x2] Sp. pmks 1473-4.

18 Sep  Philympia Int Stamp Exhibition   
                                                CV  Parliament & County Hall
                                                CV  Empire Hall, globe, flags.
                                                CV  Thermographed Exh logo
                                                CA  Aero-Phil Olympia-Battersea.
                                                CA  Hovercraft Wandsworth-H'smith.
                                                PS  Harrison issued stamps, bklt.
                                                SC  Pilgrim Fathers (USPOD).
                                                SC  do. + 1970 1/6 Mayflower, sp. pmk 25 Sep.
                                                PM  [x2] Flight sp. pmks 1479-80 [+NI].
                                                SN  Slogan pmks 1549, 1-14 Jun & 1632, 18 Aug-24 Sep.
                                                PM  [x8] 18-19, 21-26 Sep [NI:18] pmks 1481-8 (3-coloured).

19 Sep  Methodist PS Inaug, Wolv'hampton
                                                PC  Wesley statue.                                                
                                                CV  As postcard.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1491.

28 Sep  39th FIP Congress, London        
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  [x2] 28-29 Sep pmks 1496-7.

 1 Oct  Postcard Centenary Exh, Brighton CF  
                                                Impressed 4d sepia.
                                                CF  Impressed 4d scarlet.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1505.

 1 Oct  26th Conference PHS, Chichester  
                                                CF  Pmks, impressed 4d scarlet.
                                                PC  Chichester pmks.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1512, FD 3 Oct.

 3 Oct  Int Ship Stamp Exh, Wallasey      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1507.

 3 Oct  E Midlands Convn, Northampton     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1510.

 3 Oct  Twickenham PS 21st Anniversary    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1511.                                                

 3 Oct  Potteries PS Exh, Stoke-on-Trent  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1513.

10 Oct  Railway Phc Grp Convn, Doncaster
                                                CF  Ill. Train, impr 4d scarlet.
                                                PL  Inscr. Logo.
                                                SH  of 10 x PL.
                                                CV  Railway Letter Stamp.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1514.

17 Oct  Thurrock Stp Club Jub, Grays     
                                                CV  Four buildings, Club inscr.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1519.

20 Oct  Cambridge PS Golden Jubilee       
                                                CV  Kings College Chapel.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1521, FD 22 Oct.

24 Oct  AEPS Rally, Bishop's Stortford    
                                                CV  AEPS logo, UN Day, 2 col.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1522.

31 Oct  Woking PS 21st Anniversary        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1528.

31 Oct  17th Kent Fedn Rally, Canterbury  
                                                CV  White Horse of Kent.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1529.

14 Nov  Wallasey PS Exh, Birkenhead       
                                                CF  Ill. Postbox, impressed 4d.
                                                CF  do., impressed 4d + 1d.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1542.

14 Nov  Middx Junior Day, Southall        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1543.

14 Nov  Dorchester Stamp Club Exhibition  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1544.

 3 Dec  Rowland Hill Exh, Kidderminster   
                                                CV  Rowland Hill portrait.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1551.

 3 Dec  Fleet Air Arm PH Exh, Gosport     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1553.


20 Mar  Streetly PS Exh, S'ton Coldfield  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1575.

20 Mar  Swansea PS Exhibition            
                                                CV  Swansea Market & Castle.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1576.

 3 Apr  1st RAF Rocket Mail, Cosford     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1586.

17 Apr  Middx Fedn Convention, Barnet     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1598.

17 Apr  22nd NEPA Convention, Hexham      
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1599.

24 Apr  Scottish Phc Congress, Stirling   
                                                PC  Pathfoot Bldg., University.
                                                CV  University of Stirling Hall.
                                                IS  University of Stirling.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1608.

 1 May  Magyar PS Exhibition, London     
                                                CV  100 years Magyar Postage.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1612.

 1 May  24th Kent Fedn Day, Margate      
                                                IS  Lightships.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1613.

 8 May  25th Yorks Phc Convn, Wakefield  
                                                CV  "831" Barred oval pmk.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1620.

15 May  S Wales Convn Stampiau, Barry     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1622.

 2 Jun  Opening Old P.O., Tintagel       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1645.

 4 Jun  German-British Exh, Wildenrath   
                                                PM  4-6 Jun pmk 1646.

 5 Jun  Wiltshire Phc Convn, Bristol      
                                                CF  Postmarks, impressed 2p + 1p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1648.

15 Jun  53rd Phc Congress, Norwich       
                                                CV  Ill. Mail Coach.
                                                PM  [x4] 15-18 Jun [NI:16] pmks 1656-9.

18 Jun  Polphilex 71 Exhibition, London   
                                                PM  [x2] 18, 22 Jun pmks 1662-3.

10 Jul  27th Essex Convention, Benfleet  
                                                CV  Inscr. Rayleigh PS.                                                
                                                CV  do. with Parcels stamps.
                                                BK  Eastern National Parcels stps.
                                                CA  Southend-Thundersley cds.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1683.

29 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth            
                                                CV  Ill. Bournemouth Pier 1900.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1704.

 7 Aug  4th Annual Stamp Exhibition       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1716.

29 Aug  Rotherham Borough Centenary      
                                                CV  Coat of Arms.
                                                CA  "655" Barred oval pmk.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1733.

31 Aug  Kendal PS Exhibition             
                                                CV  Inscr. Kendal Gathering.
                                                IS  Ill. stiffener Kendal pmks.

 4 Sep  9th SW Scotland Cong, Paisley    
                                                CV  Paisley thread, spinning wheel, houses.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1737.

 5 Sep  Polish Phc Exh, Birmingham        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1740.

 9 Sep  60th Ann UK Aerial Post, Hendon  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1743.

24 Sep  Sussex Univ Phc Seminar, Brighton
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1752.

25 Sep  Germania Posta IV, Gt Yarmouth    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1753.

30 Sep  27th PHS Conference, Jersey      
                                                PC  Jersey postmarks.
                                                CA  Conference circular cachet.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk Jersey J21, FD 2 Oct.

 2 Oct  Gabriel Exh 1971, London         
                                                CV  Ill. Girl praying.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1763.

 2 Oct  AEPS Rally, Brentwood            
                                                CV  Oldest letter box.
                                                CA  Oldest letter box.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1764.

 2 Oct  E Midland Convention, Spalding    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1766.

 9 Oct  Cinque Ports PS Jub, Folkestone   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1769.

 9 Oct  Rly Phc Grp Convn, Northampton    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1770.

30 Oct  Walton PS 25th Anniv, Weybridge   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1793.

 2 Nov  CI Spec Soc 21st Anniv, Jersey    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk J23.

 3 Nov  BPE, London                      
                                                SC  K.E. VII 5.
                                                CV  Organisation symbols, 4 col.
                                                PM  [x4] 3-6 Nov pmks 1794-7


28 Feb  Stampex, London                  
                                                CV  PO Commem, B'ham Post Office.
                                                PM  28 Feb-4 Mar pmk 1846.

 8 Apr  Somerset-Dorset Exh, Dorchester  
                                                PC  Weymouth/CI map [Guernsey].

 8 Apr  22nd Middx Fedn Convn, London     
                                                CV  ---?.

15 Apr  23rd NEPA Convention, Teesside    
                                                CV  Stockton Old Town Hall.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1870.

16 Apr  Polphilex 72 Exhibition, London  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1872.

22 Apr  Railway Phc Grp Convn, Derby      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1875.

22 Apr  Scottish Phc Congress, Stirling  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1876.
                                                CA  Carried on locomotive No.419.

29 Apr  All-Midlands Convention, Rugby   
                                                CV  GB map and logos.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1885.

10 May  Ins & Banking PS Exh, London      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1899.

11 May  Bielefeld 72 Phc Exhibition       
                                                 PM  11-14 May pmk 1900.

13 May  S Wales Convn Stampiau, Cardiff  
                                                CV  Dragon & Brit.Rlys symbol.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1902.

13 May  2nd Int Thematic Exh, Luton      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1903.

20 May  Wiltshire Fedn Convn, Swindon     
                                                CF  Impressed 1p + 2p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1910.

23 May  54th Phc Congress, Llandudno      
                                                CV  Ill. Victorian letterbox.
                                                PM  [x4] 23-26 May pmks 1912-15.

 3 Jun  28th Essex Convention, Grays     
                                                CV  Sailing ship, blue & gold.
                                                CA  Carried by 1910 mail van.
                                                CV  Steam packet, container ship.
                                                CA  Posted on board "Sea Rider".

17 Jun  Morecambe PS Silver Jubilee       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1940.

29 Jun  Belgica British Day               
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1958.

25 Jul  Franco-British Phc Exh, NPM      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1981.

27 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth           
                                                SS  GB 1 PUC, yellow-green.
                                                TP  of SS [x4] carmine, etc.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1983.

 4 Sep  Showpex, London                  
                                                SS  NZ Health.
                                                SF  do. Souvenir folder.
                                                SP  Sht Specimen opt.
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                PM  4-9 Sep pmk 2027.

13 Sep  Humbs Radio Phc Display, Hull     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2044 [+NI].

16 Sep  Assn Sussex PSs Convn, Crowboro'
                                                SC  Crowborough postmarks.

23 Sep  Methodist PS Mepex, London        
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2052.

28 Sep  28th Conf PHS, Bury St Edmunds   
                                                CF  Pmks, impressed 2p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2061, FD 30 Sep.

 7 Oct  AEPS Autumn Rally, Loughton      
                                                CV  Rowland Hill.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2066.

17 Oct  Rowntrees Phc Exh, Scarborough   
                                                PM  17-28 Oct [NI:18] pmk 2074.

21 Oct  Leophilex-72, Leominster         
                                                SC  Germania.

26 Oct  German Youth Phc Exhibition      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2084.

 1 Nov  BPE, London                      
                                                SC  Malta 10s. St Paul.
                                                CA  BPE cds.
                                                CV  [x4] ---?.
                                                PM  [x4] 1-4 Nov pmks 2089-92.

11 Nov  Middlesex Juniors Day             
                                                CV  ---?

9 Dec  Xmas Stamp Exh, Runcorn          
                                                SS  Jersey & Staffa.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.

16 Dec  Silver Wed Stp Exh, Ringwood     
                                                SS  Slv Wedd no-silver error.
                                                TP  do. Caption upright type.
                                                TP  do. Missing faces (error).
                                                SS  Slv Wedd trs value error.


 3 Jan  New Parcel Office, Southampton   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2121.
6 Jan  Rheindahlen Stamp Club Exh       
                                                CV  Inscr. and flags.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2122.

26 Jan  4th York Coin & Stamp Fair       
                                                SS  GB York Minster.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2129, FD 27 Jan.

16 Feb  Copernicana Exhibition, London    
                                                SS  Planetary orbits.
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                PC  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2134, FD 20 Feb.

20 Feb  Liverpool Collectors' Fair       
                                                SS  US 1869 set.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.

26 Feb  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  GB Silver Wedding stamps.
                                                CV  Inscr. Silver Wedding, for SS.
                                                CV  P.O. commem cover, Oak Tree.
                                                CA  Circular, Stampex Souvenir.
                                                PM  26-27 Feb & 1-3 Mar pmk 2136.
                                                PM  28 Feb pmk 2137 Oaktree fdc.

29 Mar  RGPEX 73 Phc Exh, Reading         
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2153.

 3 Apr  Express Stamp Auctions, Wembley  
                                                SO  4p + 5p STO, anti-VAT.
                                                CV  Used on plain cover Clacton.

 5 Apr  North-West Showpex, Manchester   
                                                SS  GB issues for CEPT.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
           [Private overprints] PV  CEPT sheet: 1973 Europa.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                PV  CEPT sheet: 1974 Europa.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                PV  CEPT sheet: 1975 Europa.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.

14 Apr  Railway Phc Grp Convn, Derby     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2165.

14 Apr  24th NEPA Convention, Newcastle  
                                                CV  Ill. DHSS Club logo
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2166

14 Apr  Scottish Phc Congress, Stirling  
                                                CV  Adam Smith plaques.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2167.

14 Apr  Somerset & Dorset Exh, Weston-s-M
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2168.

19 Apr  Livingstone Phc Exh, Denbigh      
                                                PM  19-23 Apr pmk 2173.

25 Apr  Postal Pioneers, Bath            
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2179 (FD postcards).

30 Apr  55th Phc Congress, London         
                                                PM  [x5] 30 Apr-4 May pmks 2184-8.                                                

12 May  Stampiau 73, S Wales Convn       
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 2202, 7-12 May.

12 May  27th Yorkshire Phc Convn, Hull    
                                                CF  [x3] Impressed 3p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2203.

16 May  IBRA Munich, GB Day               
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2216 [+NI].

19 May  29th Essex Stamp Day, Maldon     
                                                LS  AEPS impressed 1p+1p.
                                                LS  do. p+2p.
                                                LS  do. 1p+2p (two positions).
                                                SP  Red opt on p+2p LS.
                                                LS  1p+1p LS revalued +1p.
                                                CV  Church and boat.
                                                CA  [x9] Penny Post.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2219.

31 May  Brighton Stamp Exhibition        
                                                SS  Gibraltar error.

18 Jun  Polish Phc & Num Exh, London      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2255.

 4 Jul  Int Airmail Exh APEX 73          
                                                PG  Microfilm pigeon mail.
                                                CA  Pigeons released.
                                                CV  Ill. Exhibition logo.
                                                PC  Lifeboat Saturday facsimile.
                                                PC  do. signed Peter Sadler.
                                                CA  Carried by balloon.
                                                SC  Airmail rarities (USPOD).
                                                PM  [x4] 4-7 Jul [NI:4] pmks 2279-82.
                                                CV  Jersey Airmail 16 May [+NI].
                                                PM  Jersey pmk J32, Aero Phc Club.
                                                CV  Guernsey Airmail [+NI].
                                                PM  Guernsey sp. pmk G12.

 5 Jul  Int Airmail Exh APEX 73          
                                                PM  [IOM Sp.pmk M1] M'chester flt.

23 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth            
                                                CV  Bournemouth pier.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2307.

 1 Aug  125th Ann Irish Mail, Holyhead   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2318.

18 Aug  Stagecoach Post, Swinton         
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2342.

25 Aug  Epsom PS Silver Jubilee          
                                                PC  Epsom postmarks.
                                                CA  Epsom Borough Show Exhibition.

 4 Sep  Showpex 73, London               
                                                SS  GB Westminster Abbey.
                                                PV  do. Princess Anne Wedding.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2365.

 1 Oct  Raflet Stp Club 15th Anniversary  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2402.

 3 Oct  NPM De La Rue Exhibition         
                                                EF  3p + p STO.

 6 Oct  Chester Phc Exhibition            
                                                CF  Impressed 3p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2406.

 6 Oct  E Midlands Convn, King's Lynn     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2407.

 6 Oct  Rochdale PS Exhibition            
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2408.

 6 Oct  Polish PS 21st Anniv, London     
                                                CV  Inscr. & Copernicus stamp.
                                                PC  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2409, FD 7 Oct.

13 Oct  21st Forces PHS Convn, London     
                                                EF  Impressed p + 3p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2413.

15 Oct  Ford PS 21st Anniv, Romford       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2415.

20 Oct  Stampin 73, Cheshunt              
                                                PC  [x3] Cheshunt buildings.
                                                CA  Stampin 73.

20 Oct  Wiltshire Fedn Convn, Chippenham
                                                LS  Ill. Yelde Hall & Post-Boy.
                                                CA  Carried by Post-Boy.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2418.

25 Oct  29th Conference PHS, Falmouth    
                                                CF  Pmks, impressed 2p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2423, FD 27 Oct.

31 Oct  BPE, London                      
                                                SS  GB Seahorse, blue.
                                                PE  do. Presn edn, crimson.
                                                IS  Inf. sheet on SS.
                                                CV  Emblem & 1 Seahorse.
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 2319 7 Oct-3 Nov.
                                                PM  [x4] 31 Oct-3 Nov pmks 2427-30.

31 Oct  Ashford Kent PS                  
                                                CF  3p, End of STO, Windsor or NPM pmk.

10 Nov  Middx Juniors Day, Amersham       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2436.

30 Nov  2nd Olympia Exhibition           
                                                SC  GB Princess Anne Wedding.

14 Dec  Royal Wedding Stp Exh, Ringwood  
                                                SC  Is Wed portrait, blue frame.
                                                SS  do. Souv sht self-adhesive.
                                                CA  Heart-shaped cachet.
                                                CV  Ill. Royal couple.
                                                SP  Specimen opt card.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2454.

15 Dec  Royal Wedding Stp Exh, Camberley
                                                SC  Is Wed portrait, grn frame.
                                                SS  do. Souv sht self-adhesive.
                                                CA  Heart-shaped cachet.
                                                CV  Ill. Royal couple.
                                                SP  Specimen opt card.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2455.


21 Jan  Hang-glider Mail, Farringdon     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2465.

25 Jan  5th York Stamp Exhibition        
                                                SC  Churchill issues.

26 Jan  1st Rhyl Philatelic Exhibition   
                                                SS  GB Caernarvon Castle.

 8 Feb  Midland Showpex                  
                                                SC  GB Gandhi.

19 Feb  Polish Copernicus Exh, London     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2473.

25 Feb  Stampex, London                  
                                                SC  UPU anniversaries.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                SF  do. Specimen folder.
                                                CA  Circular, UPU Centenary.
                                                CV  Inscr. UPU Centenary, for SC.
                                                CV  Mailcoach Trophy, 1974 date.
                                                CV  do. with p self-adhesive.
                                                PM  25 Feb-2 Mar [NI:27] pmk 2474.

28 Feb  Manchester Centl PS 1000th Mtg   
                                                LC  Mtg commemorative opt.

16 Mar  Aldridge PS Exhibition, Walsall  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2485.

 4 Apr  North West Showpex               
                                                SC  GB Life-boat Conference.

 4 Apr  NEPR 1-5 Postcards, Harrogate    
                                                PM  Sp. FD pmk 2507.

20 Apr  25th NEPA Convention, Darlington
                                                CV  Ill. Locomotion.
                                                CV  do. Die-stamped.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2512.

20 Apr  Railway Phc Grp Convn, Derby     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2513.

20 Apr  Scottish Phc Congress, Stirling  
                                                CV  Paul Jones, Burns profiles.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2514.

24 Apr  Binns Phc Exhibition, Sunderland
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2522 [+NI].                                                

28 Apr  Polphilex 74 Phc Exh, London      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2526.

 2 May  Brighton Stamp Show              
                                                SS  GB Fire Service.
                                                SS  Error: missing flags, cars.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2530.

 3 May  Festival of Stamps, London       
                                                SO  Label impressed 3p + p.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                PV  SO optd Hong Kong 94 Exh.
                                                CV  SO pmkd Hong Kong 94 Exh.
                                                PP  for STO label.
                                                CV  Festival Hall & Big Ben
                                                FS  of 1923 Mercury essay.
                                                SH  of 100 x FS.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2535, 6 May.

 6 May  56th Phc Cong, Enghien-les-Bains
                                                CV  Ill. Franco-British themes.
                                                PM  Pictorial [French].

 6 May  Nat Stp Day Stamp Fair, London   
                                                CV  With p self-adhesive.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2536.

 6 May  National Stamp Day, NPM          
                                                CV  With p self-adhesive.

13 May  Forest Philharmonic Society      
                                                SC  GB Vaughan Williams.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.

18 May  Thematic Int Stamp Exh, Luton    
                                                CV  Inscr. for Exhibition.

18 May  Thematic Int Stamp Exh, Luton    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2555.

21 May  Bearsden PS Exh, Glasgow         
                                                CV  Inscr. 25th Anniv Exh.
                                                CA  Bearsden Pony Express.

25 May  Czech PS Stamp Exh, Worthing     
                                                CV  Ill. Czech Lion.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2564.

 8 Jun  30th Essex Stamp Day, Wanstead   
                                                CF  Churchill statue, impr 4p.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2578.

12 Jun  UPU Centenary, NPM                
                                                CV  1890 Jub cover facsimile [+NI]

10 Jul  1st Aberconwy PS Exh, Llandudno  
                                                SS  GB Investiture.

29 Jul  Philatex, Bournemouth            
                                                SS  Mulready facsimile.
                                                SC  do. on card.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2641.

10 Sep  Showpex 74, London               
                                                SS  GB Botanical Congress.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2676.

10 Sep  Glasgow PS Annual Exhibition     
                                                SS  Glasgow Circular Delivery.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                CA  Boxed Robert Brydone.

30 Sep  Warsaw Uprising Phc Exh, London   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2689.

19 Oct  Essex Stamp Exh, Purfleet        
                                                CV  1d Wembley stamp.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2705.

27 Oct  Mazury Ensemble Phc Exh, London   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2706.

30 Oct  BPE, London                      
                                                SS  IOM Lifeboat Inst on turq ppr.
                                                PE  do. Presn edn on lemon paper.
                                                IS  Inf sheet on SS.
                                                CV  Inscr & Tudor Rose emblem.
                                                PM  30 Oct-2 Nov pmk 2708.

 1 Nov  Spandau Stamp Exhibition          
                                                PM  1-3 Nov pmk 2713.

 9 Nov  Southampton Stamp Fair           
                                                SO  Churchill p + 3p STO.
                                                SO  Churchill 4p STO.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                CV  Ill. Karsh portrait.

22 Nov  Int Coin & Stamp Fair, London    
                                                SC  GB Queen Elizabeth 2.

30 Nov  Churchill Centy Exh, Camberley   
                                                SC  Karsh portrait, blue surround.
                                                PV  do.: Churchill Death anniv.
                                                SC  Karsh portrait, carmine surrd.
                                                SO  Statue p + 3p STO.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt.
                                                CV  Ill. Arms.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 2727.

(Unpublished. Written in 1994)