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Having retired completely from philatelic activity, I have disposed of all the stamps, reference books and papers used during the writing. In these circumstances I am not soliciting correspondence and will not be replying to enquiries about anything in this compilation. James Negus, July 2003.

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1965 to 1969


17 Feb  SG Cat Centenary Exh, London     
                                                SC  GB stamps of 1865.
                                                CV  Ill. Catalogues.
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 514, 4-17 Feb.
                                                PM  17-20 Feb pmk 574.

19 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  GB airmail essays.
                                                SS  Gibbons/Kinneir essays.
                                                CV  Ill. GPO Tower.
                                                CV  Ill. Central Hall for SS.
                                                PM  19-27 Mar pmk 575.

20 Mar  Middx Fedn Convn, Finchley       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 576.

10 Apr  Scottish PS Jubilee Congress     
                                                CV  Inscr. 75th Anniv SPS.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 577.

10 Apr  Polphilex 65, Leicester          
                                                SS  Eagle with wreath.
                                                PC  Northolt Memorial.
                                                PM  10-11 Apr pmk 578.

24 Apr  21st Essex Convention, Brentwood
                                                CV  AEPS logo, 3 col.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 579 in violet.

24 Apr  16th NEPA Convention, Stockton   
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                CA  Ticket Office in red.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 580.

24 Apr  19th Yorkshire Phc Convn, York   
                                                CV  York Cathedral.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 581.

18 May  CEPT Committee, Torquay          
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 583.

18 May  47th Phc Congress, Harrogate     
                                                CV  Ill. Pump Room.
                                                IS  1890 Jubilee facsimile.
                                                PC  do. in black.
                                                PM  18-22 May pmk 584.

22 May  Wiltshire Fedn Convn, Chippenham
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 585 (3 colour).

29 May  2nd Midland Fedn Convn, Dudley   
                                                CV  Castle, Federation logo.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 586.

 5 Jul  Talyllyn Rly Centenary, Towyn    
                                                CV  Railway Co. insignia.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 592, "C33" duplex.
                                                IS  History of railway.

 9 Aug  Portsmouth PS Exh, Southsea      
                                                CV  Round Tower Point, Southsea.
                                                PM  9-15 Aug [NI:9] pmk 595.

26 Aug  NW Stampex, Manchester           
                                                CV  Globe & NW Fedn badge.
                                                IS  Manchester pmks/First PO ill.
                                                PM  26-28 Aug pmk 598.

 4 Sep  Germania Posta II, Stockport     
                                                CV  Inscr. and shields.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 600.

15 Sep  21st PHS Conf, The Hague          
                                                PC  Harwich Pacquet 1668.
                                                CA  Circular cachet 21st Conf.
                                                PM  Netherlands Postmuseum 17 Sep.

25 Sep  Polish Bat of Brit Exh, London   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 605.

25 Sep  Epsom & Ewell Borough Show       
                                                CV  Bourne Hall entrance.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 673, FD 27 Aug.

 2 Oct  15th E Midlands Convn, Rugby     
                                                CV  Window of building.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 606.

 8 Oct  Leicester PS Exhibition          
                                                CV  Inscr. Coat of Arms.
                                                PM  8-9, 11-12 Oct [NI:8] pmk 607.

16 Oct  BPA Convention, Ipswich          
                                                CV  Inscr & Borough Arms.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 608.

25 Oct  Leicester PS Diamond Jubilee      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 609 [+NI].

30 Oct  Surrey Fedn Convention, Sutton   
                                                CV  Cottage of 1408.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 610.

 5 Nov  Queen's Stp Exh, Buck'ham Palace  
                                                PC  Ill. House of Lords env 1840.

13 Nov  Middx Federation Juniors' Day    
                                                CV  Juniors with stamp album.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 611.

  ?     Schoolboys & Girls Exhibition    
                                                SS  British Honduras 1866.


18 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  World Football Cup.
                                                SP  do. yellow Specimen opt.
                                                PV  England Cup Winners.
                                                CV  Ill. World Cup for SS.
                                                CV  Ill. Sport with Stamps.
                                                PM  18-19, 21-26 Mar pmk 613.

19 Mar  Bideford Stp Club Exh, B'staple  
                                                CV  Inscr. for exhibition.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 614.

16 Apr  Scots Phc Cong, Bridge of Allan  
                                                CV  Ill. Cathedral.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 616.

16 Apr  17th NEPA Convention, Tynemouth  
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                CA  Tynemouth Priory 1066-1966.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 617.

23 Apr  16th Middx Fedn Convn, Wembley   
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PG  Pigeongram in envelope.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 618.

29 Apr  Polish Culture Exh, Birmingham   
                                                PM  29 Apr-1 May pmk 620.

21 May  Kent Fedn Convn, Sittingbourne   
                                                CV  Early Motor Mail Service.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 622.

21 May  20th Yorkshire Convn, Rotherham  
                                                CV  Ill. Coat of Arms.
                                                CA  Barred numeral pmk "655".
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 623.

21 May  Polish Culture Exh, London       
                                                PM  21-24 May pmk 624.

 4 Jun  Solihull Phc Convention          
                                                CV  Postal markings.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 627.

14 Jun  48th Phc Congress, Brighton      
                                                CV  Ill. Royal Pavilion.
                                                PM  [x4] 14-17 Jun pmks 629-32.

28 Jun  Harrison-CA Cricket, Catford      
                                                SL  [x6] Cricketers, Buildings.

15 Jul  GBPS Stamp Exhibition, London    
                                                CV  City Festival.
                                                PM  15-23 Jul pmk 665.

 2 Sep  POW Camp Post Exh, London        
                                                CV  Ill. Camp perimeter fence.
                                                PM  2-4 Sep pmk 674.

16 Sep  NE Stampex, Newcastle            
                                                PM  16-18 Sep pmk 675.

17 Sep  4th Annual Exhibition, Ayr       
                                                CV  Robert Burns portrait.

30 Sep  22nd Conf PHS, Portmeirion       
                                                PC  [x2] Welsh postal rates.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 680, FD 1 Oct.

 1 Oct  22nd Essex Convention, Southend  
                                                CV  Pier, 3 col.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 678.

 1 Oct  16th E Midlands Convn, Huntingdon
                                                CV  Old Grammar School.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 679.

15 Oct  Sussex Convention, Hastings      
                                                CV  Battle of Hastings.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 684.

19 Oct  Glossop Centenary Day            
                                                PM  Pmk 685 [barred oval "499"].

22 Oct  BPA Convention, Gloucester       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 686.

23 Oct  UN Stamp Exhibition, London      
                                                PM  23-25 Oct pmk 687.

26 Oct  Sidcup PS 21st Birthday          
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 688.

 3 Nov  British Phil Exh (BPE), London   
                                                SC  [x3] Current GB autographed.
                                                CV  Marble Arch, 3 col.
                                                PM  [x3] 3-5 Nov pmks 689-91.

19 Nov  12th Middx Junior Day, London    
                                                CV  Inscr for event.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 692.

                                                25 Nov  Polish Millenary, Bedford         
                                                CV  Ill. Cross and Arms.
                                                PM  25-27 Nov pmk 693.

30 Nov  Rheindahlen Stamp Club Exh        
                                                PM  30 Nov-3 Dec [NI:1] pmk 694.

 9 Dec  East Anglia Philex, Ipswich      
                                                PM  9-10 Dec pmk 695.

18 Mar  Gabriel Convn, London            
                                                CV  Ill. Cross, Faith & Philately.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 701.

 7 Apr  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  Constable paintings.
                                                CV  Ill. Constable painting.
                                                CV  Ill. Central Hall for SS.
                                                CA  Stampex cds.
                                                PM  7-8, 10-15 Apr pmk 704.

15 Apr  7th NW Fedn Convn, Manchester    
                                                CV  [x2] Inter-County Flights (1 Apr).
                             PM  Sp. pmk 706.

22 Apr  NEPA Convention, Newcastle       
                                                CV  Ill. Bridge & Turbo-generator.
                                                CA  Gosforth Racecourse.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 707.

22 Apr  Scots Phc Cong, Bridge of Allan  
                                                CV  Aberdeen Mercat Cross.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 708.

29 Apr  23rd Essex Convention, Clacton   
                                                CV  Mail coach & parcel post mark.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 710.

 5 May  Polphilex 67, London              
                                                CV  Polish Navy badge.
                                                CV  Merchant Navy badge.
                                                PM  5-7 May pmk 711.

 6 May  17th Middx Convn, Pinner         
                                                CV  Pinner High Street.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 712.

 6 May  21st Yorks Convn, Bridlington    
                                                CV  Sailing ship.
                                                IS  Bridlington Ship Letter.
                                                CA  Dated rectangular cachet.
                                                PM  "125" in barred oval.

20 May  Kent Fedn Convention, Deal       
                                                CV  Ill. Deal Luggers.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 714.

27 May  Germania Posta III, Clacton       
                                                CV  Ill. Eagle and Arms.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 716.

29 May  49th Phc Congress, Cambridge     
                                                SS  1938 shts optd "1967", 4 col.
                                                SF  1938 folder for SS optd.
                                                CV  King's College Chapel.
                                                PM  30-31 May & 1 Jun pmk 718 (circ); 2 Jun pmk 719 (rect).

10 Jun  Wiltshire Fedn Convn, Swindon    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 724.

17 Jun  Wessex Convn, Weston super Mare  
                                                CV  Arms, inscr. Silver Jub Exh.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 728.

23 Jun  Poloniae Exhibition, London       
                                                CV  Ill. Knight and Dragon.
                                                PM  23-27 Jun pmk 732.

24 Jun  Chivenor Phc Exh, Barnstaple     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 734.

 5 Jul  P.O. Bicentenary, Douglas, IOM   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 737.

 8 Jul  Pony Express Post, Dover         
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 739.

10 Jul  Art on Stamps Exh, London        
                                                PM  10-15 Jul [NI:10] pmk 740.

26 Aug  Epsom & Ewell Borough Show       
                                                CV  Watch House, 1700.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 749.

 9 Sep  Surrey Fedn Convention, Croydon  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 753.

11 Sep  Croydon PS Diamond Jubilee       
                                                CV  Inscr. "postmark" logos.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 755.

16 Sep  RAF Bruggen Stamp Exhibition      
                                                PM  16-20 Sep [NI:19] pmk 758.

19 Sep  Grant Exh of FDCs, HMS Discovery
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 761 [+NI].

 7 Oct  17th E Midl'ds Fedn, Peterboro   
                                                CV  Ill. Cathedral.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 766.

 7 Oct  Rayleigh PS 10th Anniv Exh       
                                                CV  Parish church.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 767.

19 Oct  N of Ireland PS Jubilee, Belfast
                                                CV  Shield, Red Hand.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 769.

19 Oct  23rd PHS Conference, Guernsey    
                                                PC  Guernsey pmks.
                                                PC  Shipping routes to Guernsey.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 770, FD 21 Oct.

21 Oct  Herne Bay PS 21st Anniversary    
                                                CV  Stamp logos.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 771.

 1 Nov  BPE, London                      
                                                SC  Ireland Dean Swift.
                                                PL  Marble Arch, horiz, blue.
                                                CV  Marble Arch, 4 col.
                                                PM  [x4] 1-4 Nov pmks 775-8.

10 Nov  Poloniae Exhibition, Birmingham   
                                                CV  Ill. Cross & globes.
                                                PM  10-12 Nov pmk 779.

11 Nov  Middx Fedn Junior Day, Finchley  
                                                CV  Inscr.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 780.

 5 Dec  Poland History Phc Exh, London          
                                                PM  5-10 Dec pmk 784.

22 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  Battle of Britain  .
                                                CV  Ill. Soldiers and gun.
                                                CV  Ill. Gun, for SS.
                                                PM  22-23, 25-30 Mar pmk 795.

30 Mar  St Gabriel Convention, London    
                                                CV  St Paul's.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 798.

 1 Apr  Birth of Teesside, Stockton-on-T
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 800, pmk design.

14 Apr  Chesterfield PS 21st Anniversary
                                                CV  Crooked spire.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 803.

20 Apr  24th Essex Convention, Loughton  
                                                CV  Ill. Postrider.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 806.

22 Apr  Market St Stamp Exh, Manchester  
                                                CV  Ill. Lewis's Stamp Exh.
                                                PM  22-27 Apr pmk 807.

27 Apr  18th Middx Fedn Convn, London    
                                                CV  Ill. Buckingham Palace.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 809.

27 Apr  19th NEPA Convn, Bishop Auckland
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 810.

27 Apr  Scots Phc Cong, Bridge of Allan  
                                                CV  Ill. Monument.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 811.

27 Apr  Crawley Phc Convention           
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 812.

27 Apr  Walton & Weybridge PS 21st Anniv
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 813.

 4 May  22nd YPA Convn, Huddersfield     
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 817.

 4 May  8th Wilts Fedn Convn, Warminster
                                                PC  Ill. Lion and badge.
                                                CA  Transit address rubber stamps.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 818.

10 May  Marple PS 21st Anniversary       
                                                CV  Album, inscr. for anniv.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 821.

18 May  Kent Fedn Anniv, Tunbridge Wells
                                                CV  Ill. The Pantiles.

                                                PM  Sp. pmk 823.

24 May  Stampex, Norwich                 
                                                CV  Cathedral, inscr. Royal Visit.
                                                PM  24-25 May pmk 827.

25 May  Wessex Stamp Exh Convn, Torquay  
                                                CV  English Riviera photo.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 828.

25 May  8th NW Fedn Convention, Preston  
                                                CV  Ill. "stamp", Emblem.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 829.

25 May  4th Midland Convn, Wolverhampton
                                                CV  Ill. Cathedral.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 830.

 4 Jun  50th Phc Congress, Buxton        
                                                SS  Penny Blacks.
                                                SS  Twopenny Blues.
                                                SS  [1d & 2d] do. Black print.
                                                CV  Buxton Crescent, 4 col.
                                                CV  Cover photo, Black print.
                                                IS  History of Buxton.
                                                CA  Rly Letter Buxton-Manchester.
                                                LS  1d Mulready.
                                                LS  2d Mulready.
                                                LS  [1d & 2d] do. Black print.
                                                PM  [x3] 4-6 Jun pmks 842-4; Manchester 7 Jun pmk 846.

10 Jun  BFPS 1000, W German Phc Exh       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk A847.

17 Jun  Danish Stamp Exh, Glasgow        
                                                CV  Glasgow PS logo.
                                                PM  Sp pmk 850 (Danish Festival).

20 Jun  Polphilex, London                 
                                                CV  Ill. Posthorn.
                                                PM  20-23 Jun pmk 852.

23 Jun  Polish Phc Congress, London      
                                                PC  ZFP insignia.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 855.

 6 Jul  Norwood PS 21st Anniversary      
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 863.

 6 Jul  Sussex Phc Convn, Henfield       
                                                CV  Inscr. Summer Convention.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 865.

13 Jul  Manchester Grammar School PS     
                                                CV  Inscr. 50th Anniv, 2 col.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 874.

 4 Aug  Denby Dale Pie, Huddersfield     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 887 (PS 40th Anniv).

10 Aug  Philatex 68, Woburn              
                                                SS  Duke & Duchess of Bedford.
                                                CV  Woburn Abbey.
                                                CA  Mail Coach.
                                                PM  10-12 Aug [NI:12] pmk 891.

12 Aug  Portsmouth PS 21st Anniversary   
                                                PM  12-18 Aug [NI:12] pmk 893.

31 Aug  Epsom & Ewell PS 21st Anniv      
                                                CV  Ill. Old Well.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 898.

 3 Oct  24th Conference PHS, Perth       
                                                CF  Perth pmks, impressed 4d.
                                                CF  Perth routes, impressed 4d.
                                                PC  Perth postmarks.
                                                PC  Perth routes.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 920, FD 5 Oct.

 5 Oct  E Midlands Fedn Convn, Bedford   
                                                CV  Swan Hotel, Bedford.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 921.

 5 Oct  Hertford PS 21st Anniversary     
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 922.

 5 Oct  AEPS Rally, Shoeburyness         
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 923.

12 Oct  Kent Federation Rally, Bromley   
                                                PC  Ill. Beckenham Balloon.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 927.

16 Oct  BPE, London                      
                                                SC  GB 1968 1/6 Paintings affixed.
                                                SC  do., John Piper autograph.
                                                PC  Robson Lowe book advert.
                                                CV  Ill. GB map, 4 col.
                                                PM  [x4] 16-19 Oct pmks 928-31.

 2 Nov  10th Surrey Phc Convn, Kingston  
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 937.

 2 Nov  14th Middx Junior Day, Watford   
                                                SC  Coat of arms and inscription.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 938.

30 Nov  Wallasey PS 21st Anniversary     
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 950.

 6 Dec  Polish Doc Phc Exh, London       
                                                PC  Inscr. for 1st Corps.
                                                CV  Ill. 2nd Corps.
                                                PM  6-8 Dec pmk 953.

28 Jan  Civil Service PS Exh, London     
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  28-30 Jan pmk 960.

15 Feb  Leamington Spa PS Exhibition      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 963.

22 Feb  Scout & Guide Phc Exh, London     
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 964.

 5 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                CV  Inscr. First Day, Britannia.
                                                PM  5-8, 10-13 Mar [NI:5] pmk 970.

29 Mar  St.Gabriel Convention, London    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 975.

29 Mar  Aldridge PS Exhibition, Walsall   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 976.

29 Mar  Swansea PS Exhibition            
                                                CV  Inscr. for Exhibition.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 977.

10 Apr  7th Peterborough PS Exhibition    
                                                CV  Society logo.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 987, FD 12 Apr.

19 Apr  Taunton Stp Club Silver Jubilee  
                                                CV  Arms & inscr Club Jubilee.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 991.

19 Apr  20th NEPA Convn, Middlesbrough   
                                                CV  Ill. Transporter Bridge.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 992.

19 Apr  Burnley PS Silver Jubilee        
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 993.

19 Apr  Scots Phc Cong, Bridge of Allan  
                                                PC  Ill. Field of Bannockburn.
                                                CV  Ill. Greenock Quay.
                                                IS  RMS Columba stiffener.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 994.

21 Apr  Cyprus PS 1st Exh, London         
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 995.

26 Apr  Sussex Phc Convn, Crowborough    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1000.

 3 May  23rd YPA Convention, Sheffield   
                                                CV  Ill. Crest.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1006.

 3 May  9th NW Fedn Convn, Manchester    
                                                CV  Inscr. & Fedn badge.
                                                CA  Manchester Foot Post h/s.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1007.

 3 May  Blackpool PS Golden Jubilee Exh  
                                                CV  Ill. Blackpool Tower.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1008.

15 May  Monte Cassino Phc Exh, London    
                                                CV  Inscr. Polphilex 69.
                                                PM  15-18 May pmk 1016.
                                                SF  For 2 souvenir sheets.
                                                SS  Polphilex 69 Camp stamp.
                                                SS  Anders portrait, Veterans Reunion 15 Aug.

17 May  19th Middx Fedn Convn, London    
                                                PC  Rowland Hill plaque.
                        PM  Sp. pmk 1019.

17 May  Kent Fedn Convention, Dartford   
                                                CV  Dartford Coat of Arms.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1021.

24 May  Philatex, St Paul's, London      
                                                CA  Posted in Crypt.
                                                PM  [x4] 24-28 May [NI:28] pmks 1028-31.

27 May  Lewis's Stamp Exh, Manchester     
                                                PM  27-31 May [NI:28] pmk 1032.

31 May  Caledonian Steam Pkt, Gourock     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1038.

31 May  9th Wiltshire Fedn Convn, Wells  
                                                CV  Wells Cathedral.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1041.

 7 Jun  Essex Jubilee Convn, Chelmsford  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1048 Shire Hall.
                                                CV  Ill. Hall in silver oval.
                                                CA  Air Southend-Stanstead.
                                                PM  Pmk 1049 SX Post Chelmsford.
                                                PM  Pmk 1050 Essex Post Ingatestone.
                                                LS  Map of Essex post roads.
                                                SP  do., red Specimen opt.
                                                CA  By Mail Coach, Ingatestone-Chelmsford (red).
                                                CA  do., but black as Specimen.
                                                CA  By Mail Coach, Brentwood-Ingatestone (green).
                                                FS  London-Norwich Time-Bill 1797.

 7 Jun  Wessex Phc Convention, Paignton  
                                                CV  King Alfred Statue.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1051.

24 Jun  51st Phc Congress, Bristol       
                                                CV  Suspension bridge.
                                                IS? 1909 & 1969 5s stamp ills.
                                                PM  [x4] 24-27 Jun pmks 1065-8.

 1 Sep  Phc Stand, City Show, Leicester   
                                                PM  1-2 Sep pmk 1124.

12 Sep  European Stp Exh, Dortmund       
                                                PM  12-21 Sep pmk 1132.

17 Sep  Phc Stand, Home Exh, Leicester   
                                                PM  17-27 Sep pmk 1135.

23 Sep  Phc Stand, Trade Exh, Kettering  
                                                PM  23-26 Sep pmk 1145.

27 Sep  23rd Sussex Convn, Horsham        
                                                CV  Horsham duplex.
                                                IS  ---?.

 1 Oct  Phc Stand, Ideal Homes, B'ham    
                                                PM  1-25 Oct [NI:1] pmk 1153.

 2 Oct  Sheffield PS 75th Anniversary    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1155.

 2 Oct  25th Conf PHS, Douglas IOM       
                                                CF  IOM pmks, 4d sepia post sty.
                                                CF  IOM routes, 4d sepia post sty.
                                                CA  Emergency opt.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1157, FD 4 Oct.
                                                PC  IOM pmks.
                                                CF  IOM pmks, 4d scarlet sto.
                                                PC  IOM routes.
                                                CF  IOM routes, 4d scarlet sto.

 4 Oct  Phc Fair & Exh, Manchester       
                                                CV  Ill. GB Map.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1156.

 4 Oct  E Midland Fedn Convn, Wisbech     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1159.

11 Oct  Kent Fedn Rally, Gravesend       
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1162.

11 Oct  Magyar PS Exhibition, London      
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1164.

15 Oct  Canterbury PS 50th Anniversary   
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1167.

16 Oct  Aberconwy PS 21st Anniversary    
                                                CV  Castell Conwy.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1168.

20 Oct  Phc Stand, Ideal Homes, Stoke     
                                                PM  20-25 Oct pmk 1170.

22 Oct  BPE, London                      
                                                CV  Society emblems, 4 col.
                                                PC  [x4] 1869 issues.
                                                PM  [x4] 22-25 Oct pmks 1174-7.

23 Oct  Deal PS Diamond Jubilee          
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1172.

25 Oct  Rlwy Phc Grp Convn, Loughborough  
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1180.

 8 Nov  Chelmsford PS Golden Jubilee      
                                                CV  Chelmsford Cathedral.
                                                CV  Maagen fishing boat.
                                                CA  Maldon Ship Letter.
                                                CA  Posted on High Seas.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1188.

15 Nov  Middx Fedn Junior Day, Greenford  
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 1193.

(Unpublished. Written in 1994)