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Having retired completely from philatelic activity, I have disposed of all the stamps, reference books and papers used during the writing. In these circumstances I am not soliciting correspondence and will not be replying to enquiries about anything in this compilation. James Negus, July 2003.

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1960 to 1964


28 Mar  Aberdeen PS Jubilee Exh           
                                                PL  Society logo.

 6 Apr  Seaborne Mail Exh, Mar Museum    
                                                CV  Falmouth PO Packets.
                                                IS  Falmouth Packet, Flags.
                                                PM  6-13 Apr pmk 479.

 8 Apr  Polphilex, London                 
                                                SS  Posthorn & 1st issue.
                                                CA  ZFP circular cachet.
                                                CA  First Day / Cover.

23 Apr  16th Essex Convention, Brentwood
                                                CV  AEPS logo.
                                                CA  Posted at the Convention.

-  May  Castle Museum, York              
                                                SL  Penny Black.
                                                SH  of 6 x SL.
                                                PC  Kirkgate Post Office.
                                                CA  Maltese Cross, magenta.

14 May  10th Middx Fedn Convn, Wembley    
                                                CV  ---?.

28 May  Kent Fedn Day, Sittingbourne     
                                                CV  GPO Sittingbourne in 1900.
                                                CA  Sittingbourne 713 in oval.

 9 Jul  London Int Stamp Exhibition      
                                                PL  Festival Hall, 5 col.
                                                SH  of 10 x PL.
                                                SH  [of 12] Bishop Marks.
                                                PC  Ill. Bishop Marks [PHS].
                                                SS  Errors.
                                                TP  Progressive proofs of SS.
                                                CV  Ill. River Thames scene.
                                                IS  Maltese Cross Types insert.
                                                CV  Ill. 1660 Act, Mail Coach.
                                                IS  Lombard St. P.O. insert.
                                                SN  Slg pmk 309, 9-13, 15-16 Jul.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 483 (machine) ditto.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 484 (h/s) ditto.

14 Jul  42nd Phc Congress, London         
                                                CV  Ill. River Thames scene.
                                                SN  Slogan pmk 310 [sp.pmk 485].

29 Sep  16th Conference PHS, Hereford    
                                                PC  Hereford pmks.

 5 Nov  Middx Junior Day, Willesden      
                                                MT  Ill. slogan, Children.

17 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  Finland Europa designs.
                                                CA  do. Finnish exhibit.
                                                SS  Liechtenstein stamps, 2 col.
                                                SS  Sgd Prince & Princess.
                                                SF  Folder for sheets.
                                                CA  Liech'n Study Circle.
                                                CV  Ill. Postman.
                                                CV  Ill. pmk for Europa SS.
                                                PM  17-25 Mar pmk 491.

24 Mar  Polphilex 61, London             
                                                SS  Refugee emblem.
                                                CA  ZPF circ cachet, small or large.
                                                CV  Camp Post stp, barbed wire.

29 Apr  17th Essex Convention, Wanstead  
                                                CV  AEPS logo, red.
                                                CV  AEPS logo, blue.
                                                PC  AEPS logo.
                                                PL  AEPS logo, orange.
                                                PL    do., green.
                                                PL    do., blue.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 493.

 6 May  2nd Stockton PS Exh, Stockton    
                                                CV  York Museum 1d black.

13 May  Middx Fedn Convention, Hounslow  
                                                MT  Meter slogan.

 6 Jun  43rd Phc Congress, Blackpool     
                                                CV  Ill. Blackpool Tower.
                                                PC  Building; Congress pmk.
                                                PM  6-9 Jun pmk 494.

 7 Sep  Midland Stampex, Birmingham      
                                                CF  Ill. Impressed d stamp.
                                                PM  7-9 Sep pmk 500.

19 Oct  17th Conference PHS, Paris        
                                                PC  London Bishop Marks.

28 Oct  Surrey Convention, Woking        
                                                CV  Ill. Shah Jehan Mosque.
                                                MT  Meter slogan.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 501.

 9 Mar  Polphilex 62, London              
                                                SS  [x2] ---?.
                                                CV  Ill. Pilsudski.
                                                PM  9-12 Mar pmk 503.

16 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  GB commemoratives.
                                                CV  Ill. Central Hall.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 504.

   ?    London Stamp Exh, Hilton Hotel   
                                                SS  GB 5 orange.

12 Apr  Scotex, Glasgow                  
                                                PL  Thistle.
                                                SH  of 12 x PL.
                                                PL  Optd Postal Strike 1971.
                                                SS  Scottish regionals.
                                                PC  Scottish postmarks.
                                                CA  Exh. inscr. red handstamp.
                                                CV  Ill. Highland man.
                                                CA  Triangular, Polish inscr.
                                                PM  12-14 Apr pmk 506.

14 Apr  18th Essex Convention, Rayleigh  
                                                CV  Inscr. AEPS logo.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 507.

 5 May  16th Yorkshire PA Convn, Hull    
                                                CV  Wilberforce House.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk. 509.

12 May  12th Middx Convention, London     
                                                MT  Meter slogan.

19 May  Kent Fedn Day, Rochester         
                                                CA  Rochester straight line 29.
                                                CV  Ill. Castle.

12 Jun  44th Phc Congress, Worthing      
                                                CV  Ill. Worthing Pier, 3 col.
                                                SP  do. handstamped Specimen.
                                                IS  Ill. First Worthing PO.
                                                SP  do. handstamped Specimen.
                                                PM  12-15 Jun pmk 510.

 4 Oct  18th Conference PHS, King's Lynn
                                                CF  Train & bridge, impressed 3d.
                                                CA  Lynn Ship Letter.

 6 Oct  Thematic Stamps Exh, Manchester   
                                                PC  Ill. 1862 Antigua, Hong Kong.

26 Oct  Redhill PS Silver Jubilee Exh    
                                                CV  Inscr. for PS & Convention.
                                                PM  26-27 Oct pmk 518.

27 Oct  4th Surrey Fedn Convn, Redhill    
                                                CV  ---?.
                                                PM  Also used sp. pmk 518.

 1 Dec  Eurostamp London Stamp Exh       
                                                SS  Europa Wheel blue/brown.
                                                SS  Europa Wheel blue/turquoise.
                                                SS  Europa Wheel black/ green
                                                SS  Europa Tree orange.
                                                SS  do. grey-blue.
                                                SP  do. orge, Specimen opt.
                                                SP  do. grey-blue, Spec opt.
                                                SC  Tree SS, gr-bl, on card.
                                                CV  Ill. with pmk design.
                                                PM  1-8 Dec pmk 520.
        [Private overprints]    PV  Wheel brown: Kennedy portrait.
                                                PV  Wheel brown: Kennedy & forest.
                                                PV  Wheel brown: Ben-Gurion portr.
                                                PV  Wheel turq: 10th anniv Europa.
                                                PV  Wheel turq: Kennedy portrait.
                                                PV  Wheel turq: Kennedy & forest.
                                                PV  Tree orange: Kennedy portrait.
                                                PV  Tree orange: Man on Moon.

15 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  Hong Kong Annigoni.
                                                SP  do. Specimen opt (one).
                                                SP  do. Each stp optd Specimen.
                                                CV  Ill. HK Annigoni.
                                                CA  Freedom from Hunger.
                                                PV  SS optd HK'94 Exh, Rushstamps.
                                                PM  15-16, 18-20, 22-23 Mar.  pmk 522.
                                                SN  (with CA) Slg pmk 394 for FFH.

30 Mar  Surrey Convention, Croydon       
                                                CV  Ill. Building.
                                                CA  8-sided inscr. in green.

20 Apr  Polphilex 63, Birmingham          
                                                SS  ---?.

20 Apr  Polphilex 63, Birmingham         
                                                PC  1863-1963 logo.
                                                CV  Inscr. ditto.
                                                CA  Arms, circular.

27 Apr  19th Essex Convn, Dagenham       
                                                CV  Logo, Inscr May & Baker Ltd.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 523.

11 May  13th Middx Fedn Convn, Southall  
                                                SP  Ill. cover h/s Specimen.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 526.

18 May  Wiltshire Fedn Convn, Swindon    
                                                CV  Postmarks & Arms.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 529.

11 Jun  45th Phc Congress, Scarborough   
                                                CV  Ill. Castle Hill, 4 col.
                                                PL  Castle Hill imperf, 4 col.
                                                PL  do., rouletted, 4 col.
                                                IS  [x4] Yorkshire pmks.
                                                PM  11-14 Jun pmk 530.

13 Sep  London Stamp Fair, Hilton Hotel  
                                                SS  Post Office Mauritius.
                                                SS  do. Black ptg omitted.
                                                CV  Ill. Lady Gomm's Ball.
                                                PM  13-14 Sep pmk 535.

18 Sep  19th Conf PHS, Dun Laoghaire      
                                                PC  Kingstown/Dun L pmks.
                                                CF  do. impressed 4p Eire.
                                                PC  London-Portpatrick mailcoach.
                                                PC  Mail routes to Ireland.
                                                CA  Strt-line cachet M.V.Cambria.
                                                CA  Circ Steamer Grand Duke.
                                                PM  PHist Exh Dublin (19 Sep).
                                                PM  Holyhead Paquebot (22 Sep).

19 Sep  North-East Stampex, Newcastle    
                                                SS  GB Red Cross.
                                                CA  Inscr. violet oval.
                                                PM  19-21 Sep pmk 537.

19 Oct  Henfield Stamp Club Exhibition    
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 538.

23 Nov  Polish PS Thematic, Manchester   
                                                SS  1863 Turkey & C Rica, 2 col.
                                                CF  SS ill., impressed 2d stamp.


13 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  Shakespeare designs.
                                                CV  Ill. Central Hall for SS.
                                                CV  Ill. Shakespeare portrait.
                                                PM  13-21 Mar pmk 541.

25 Apr  20th Essex Convention, Goodmayes
                                                CV  Magpie emblem, 3 col.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 543.

 9 May  14th Middlesex Convention, Acton
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 546.

10 May  Monte Cassino Phc Exh, London     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 547.

26 May  46th Phc Congress, Bournemouth   
                                                CV  Ill. Yacht and hotel, 4 col.
                                                IS  First B'mouth PO.
                                                PC  do.
                                                PM  26-29 May pmk 549.

29 Aug  Germania Posta I, Stockton       
                                                CV  Ill. Eagle and Arms.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 563 (5 Sep).

 5 Sep  Germania Posta, Stockton         
                                                CA  Newcastle Gliding Club.
                                                SL  Gliding Club triangular.

 9 Sep  2nd Aldershot Phc Exhibition     
                                                CV  Ill. Romania map, portraits.
                                                PM  9-12 Sep pmk 564.

10 Sep  Portsmouth PS Exh, Southsea      
                                                PC  Inscr. Society emblem.
                                                PM  10-12 Sep pmk 565.

19 Sep  4th FISA Congress, London        
                                                CV  Inscr. FISA logo.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 567.

 3 Oct  14th E Midlands Convn, Kettering
                                                CV  Ill. Kettering building.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 568.

 8 Oct  20th Conf PHS, Lyndhurst         
                                                PC  Hants pmks 1846-1904 & routes.
                                                PC  Hants pmks 1781-1850 & routes.

22 Oct  Southern Stamp Fair, London      
                                                SS  GB Botanical Congress.
                                                SP  GB 5 orange, opt on 1962 Hilton SS.
                                                CV  Ill. Carousel.
                                                PM  22-24 Oct pmk 569.

31 Oct  Surrey Convention, Norwood       
                                                CV  Ill. Radio mast.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 570.

 7 Nov  Middx Fedn Junior Day, Barnet     
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 571.

13 Nov  Polish Culture Exh, London       
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.
                                                PM  13-15 Nov pmk 572.

(Unpublished. Written in 1994)