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Having retired completely from philatelic activity, I have disposed of all the stamps, reference books and papers used during the writing. In these circumstances I am not soliciting correspondence and will not be replying to enquiries about anything in this compilation. James Negus, July 2003.

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1952 to 1959


20 May  34th Phc Congress, Southampton   
                                                CV  Bargate and liner, 4 col.
                                                PC  ditto, 2 col.
                                                CA  Posted on Board HMS Victory.
                                                PM  20-24 May pmk 365.

22 May  Bath Assembly Postal Hist Exh    
                                                CV  Inscr & Assembly logo.
                                                PM  22-31 May pmk 366.

 7 Jun  8th Essex Convn, Leytonstone     
                                                CF  AEPS logo, impressed 1d.
                                                CF  do. carried by TPO.
                                                CV  AEPS logo, 3 col.
                                                CV  do. carried by TPO (3 Jun).
                                                PL  AEPS logo, ? col.
                                                SH  of 6 x PL.

10 Jan  Nat Stp Exh, London [Stampex]    
                                                PL  1d black, vert, red/buff.
                                                SC  Ill. Central Hall, Mailcoach.
                                                PM  10-17 Jan pmk 373.

 6 Jun  9th Essex Convention, Clacton    
                                                CV  Ill. Clacton Lifeboat.

 9 Jun  35th Phc Congress, Whitley Bay   CV  Cathedrals.
                                                PM  9-12 Jun pmk 379.

 9 Oct  Canadian PS Convention, Glasgow  CV  Ill. Beaver & maple leaves.
                                                PM  9-22 Oct pmk 390.

 9 Jan  Nat Stp Exh, London [Stampex]    
                                                PC  Inscr. 1d Black.
                                                IS  Exh, JPS, PTS details.
                                                PM  9-16 Jan pmk 391.

 8 May  10th Essex Convn, Chelmsford      
                                                CF  Logo, impressed 1d stamp.

25 May  36th Phc Congress, Eastbourne    
                                                CV  Ill. Lighthouse.
                                                PC  ditto.
                                                PM  25-28 May pmk 398.

13 Jun  Isle of Thanet Phc Exhibition     
                                                MT  Slogan, Ramsgate meter.

27 Sep  Postal History Exh, Brighton     
                                                CV  Brighton mailcoach.
                                                MT  Meter slogan Come to Brighton.
                                                PM  27 Sep-9 Oct pmk 404.

 8 Jan  Nat Stp Exh, London [Stampex]    
                                                PC  Ill. Mail coach.
                                                PL  1d black, vert, red/buff.
                                                PM  8-15 Jan pmk 405.

17 May  37th Phc Congress, Norwich       
                                                CV  Ill. Cathedral, 4 col.
                                                PM  17-20 May pmk 413.

 4 Jun  11th Essex Convn, Goodmayes      
                                                EF  Bird, impressed 2d stamp.

 6 Jun  De La Rue Stamp Centenary Exh    
                                                SL  Globe design, 2 col.
                                                SH  of 50 x Globe SL.
                                                SL  Portrait in frame, 4 col.
                                                SH  of 32 x Portrait SL.

 7 Jan  Stampex, London                  
                                                CV  Mailcoach, "Souvenir", green & brown.
                                                CV  do. "Visit", red & brown.
                                                IS  National Stampex Award.
                                                PM  7-14 Jan pmk 420.

10 Feb  Manchester Cent PS Jub Dinner    
                                                CO  "MJPS 1906" on d KE VII.
                                                CO  "MCPS 1956" on d Wilding.

27 Feb  Caledonian PS Jub Exh, Glasgow   
                                                CV  Ill. Shield.
                                                SC  As cover.
                                                PM  27 Feb-11 Mar pmk 421.

12 Mar  SG Centenary Exhibition, London  
                                                PS  St Helena stp affixed.
                                                PS  Ceylon stamp as sample.

12 May  12th Essex Convention, Westcliff  
                                                MT  Meter mark UA649.

 5 Jun  38th Phc Congress, Brighton      
                                                CV  Ill. Royal Pavilion, 4 col.
                                                EF  do., impressed 2d stamp.
                                                PC  Royal Pavilion.
                                                PM  5-8 Jun pmk 429.

16 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                CF  Stan Stp Collr, 2d stamp.
                                                CV  Stan, "Souvenir", blk & grn.
                                                PS  Ship design sample, Harrison.
                                                SL  1d black & Maltese Cross.
                                                MT  Neopost Specimen slogan.
                                                CA  Stampex Central Hall cds.
                                                PM  16-23 Mar pmk 439.

-  Mar  Mrs Dibben Golden Jubilee        
                                                SC  Inscr & SL affixed.
                                                SL  Portrait, 50 Yrs Stp Dealing.
                                                SS  of 4 x SL.

14 May  39th Phc Congress, Harrogate     
                                                CV  Inscr. Leeds Maltese X, 4 col.
                                                PM  14-17 May pmk 445.

25 May  11th Yorks PA Convn, Bradford    
                                                EF  Inscr, impressed 2d Wilding.

 1 Jun  13th Essex Convention, Loughton  
                                                CV  Epping Forest Arms & TB logo.

26 Sep  Canadian PS Convn, Scarborough   
                                                EF  Impressed 2d stamp.
                                                CA  Boxed Convn inscription.

 9 Oct  Nth of Ireland PS Exh, Belfast   
                                                CV  Ill. Map and shield.
                                                PM  Sp. pmk 457.

   ?    Boys & Girls Exhibition, London  
                                                PS  Harrison/SG se-tenant labels.
                                                SH  of 72 x PS.

15 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                PL  Stan, horiz, red/pink.
                                                PL  do., green/yellow.
                                                CV  Stan Stp Collr, "Visit".
                                                SC  do. as stiffener, "Souvenir".
                                                PM  15-22 Mar pmk 459.

 9 Apr  De La Rue Story of Stamps        
                                                SL  Portrait on oval of rays.
                                                SH  of 32 x Rays SL.
                                                SL  Profile portrait, photo.
                                                SL  Profile portrait, litho.
                                                CV  Inscr. cover.

17 May  14th Essex Convention, Clacton    
                                                CV  Clacton Arms (pmk error 1957).
                                                CA  Posted at Convention.

27 May  40th Phc Congress, Folkestone    
                                                CV  Ill. Steam Mail Packet, 4 col.
                                                PC  do. in black.
                                                SS  1937 shts optd "1958", 4 col.
                                                IS  1937 IS, typewritten amdmts.
                                                PM  27-31 May pmk 461.

 9 Oct  14th Conference PHS, Windsor     
                                                SC  Windsor pmks.

 3 Mar  Stampex, London                  
                                                SS  UN Central Hall.
                                                PG  Gt Barrier Pigeon Mail form.
                                                CA  UN cds in red.
                                                CV  Stan, "Visit", red.
                                                CV  do., "Souvenir", blue.
                                                PM  13-21 Mar pmk 471.

 9 May  15th Essex Convn, Buckhurst Hill  
                                                CV  AEPS logo.

11 May  Stockton PS Exh, Middlesbrough   
                                                CV  Inscr. Paquebot marking.
                                                CV  First Private Flight.
                                                CA  Parachute Mail 2-5-59.

 9 Jun  41st Phc Congress, Torquay       
                                                CV  Ill. Map of GB, 4 col.
                                                SC  Harrison, 6 Regional stamps.
                                                PM  9-12 Jun pmk 473.

 1 Oct  15th Conference PHS, Largs       
                                                CF  Impressed 3d; Largs pmks.
                                                SC  Largs pmks.

 3 Oct  Olympex, Brighton                
                                                CV  Ill. Royal Pavilion, Rings.
                                                PM  3-11 Oct pmk 477.

 4 Dec  Birmingham PS 75th Anniversary    
                                                MT  (Specimen) 75th Anniv Year.

 5 Dec  1st Surrey Fedn Convn, Sutton    
                                                CV  Inscr., red and blue.
                                                CA  Triang. Flown by Helicopter.

(Unpublished. Written in 1994)