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Created with the sole purpose of disseminating knowledge about the subjects contained within. It is the result of the initiative and endeavour of the author and has not been endorsed or otherwise supported by any individual, company or governmental institution, except for the information that they have provided.

The author is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within, (although effort has been made to avoid error), nor will he accept any liability resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

Reproduction of Material
Limited content from within may be reproduced on a web-site or in a publication for review purposes in accordance with international copyright laws, provided a request has been made in advance to the compiler. Proper acknowledgement must be given to the author, Glenn H Morgan FRPSL, together with a link to www.stampprinters.info

If reproduction of previously published articles included within is planned for a printed publication, then permission must also be sought first and, if permission is granted, a copy of the publication containing the reproduced article must be supplied to the compiler for his archives. Postal address details of where to send copies will be supplied to the requesting party in due course. 

The material is intended solely for the use of the individual user. Archiving, redistribution, or republication of this material on other terms, in any medium, requires the express written permission of the compiler   All material is Copyright  2000-date Glenn H Morgan FRPSL, or the accredited author.

1217 A4 Pages [643 web, 554 PDF] - a snapshot taken in 2007. This has steadily increased.

2260 images - a snapshot taken in 2007.

369,430 words - a snapshot taken in 2007.

225mb file size - a snapshot taken in 2012.

Distinct visitors daily This varies wildly - especially at times when updates have not been made for some time. The highest volume was one day during April 2015, when over 400 distinct users visited.

Distinct searches via PicoSearch between 2004 and 2011 (all full years) - 8,613. Now that Google Search 'on the fly' is used, statistics can no longer be monitored.

Update Log  
The update log to 31 December 2015 has been deleted, as it is now obsolete following the major revamp that occurred at the beginning of 2016  Minor amendments made from 2016 onwards will not be included here (such as a new printer name added). Only significant changes will be logged.

Quoting one is plagiarism;
quoting many is research!"
Above is the compiler's favourite quote and one that he endeavours to take note of at all times. This work has been many years in the making and in the early days of recording facts and imagery it had not been intended to make what has been recorded available to anyone else. Also, certain images were provided by a "well wisher", now deceased, who possibly did not own the copyright and it is no longer possible to identify these particular images from the many others.

So, any inadvertent copyright infringement of either text (unlikely) or imagery will be rectified within 24 hours of the compiler reading the complaint. An apology will be sent to the complainant by e-mail and they will be added to the list of those who have made a contribution, if they agree that the item may remain, of course. Alternatively, the offending item will be immediately removed.

It will never be the compiler's intention or desire to cause offence or to be guilty of plagiarism or copyright theft.