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miscellaneous images

General Images

SPI_T_USA_Business practice.jpg 

SPI_T_USA_rena test stamp.jpg 

 SPI_T_USA_Zippy dummy book.jpg


SPI_T_USA_yellow coil.jpg 

  Business practice labels

 Rena self-adhesive test label.  

Zippy dummy booklet 

Ziegle coloured paper labels 

Ziegle yellow coloured paper labels 

 SPI_T_USA_Walmart dummy.jpg


SPI_T_USA_GSSC parrott.jpg 


SPI_T_USA_dummy coil.jpg 

  Walmart Chinese printed Flag over Porch dummies

 Walmart Chinese printed FoP dummie

  GSSC trial label for descrambled stamp security

 Unattributed rouletted labels 

Unattributed  Unprinted dummy labels


SPI_T_USA_social security.jpg 

 SPI_T_USA_hologram foil space stamps.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_images used on moon landing stamps.jpg


 Trial stamp decals

Social Security test labels 

  Holographic foil space stamps

Images used on moon landing holographic stamps 

 The inventor of Xerox machines


 aTH_a_ATM USA Wincor Autotell Dummy.jpg

aTH_a_ATM USA NCR Logo Dummy.jpg 

 aTH_a_ATM USA NCR Temple Dummy.jpg

  aa_USA Dummy labels.jpg

 ZIP labels

 Wincor Nixdorf ATM test sheetlet

NCR ATM test sheetlet

 NCR ATM test sheetlet

 Various dummies

 a_USA test pane Scott807c.jpg

aTH_a_ATM USA Roses Dummy.jpg 


USA Nebraska black2 1954.jpg 

  USA test specimen.jpg

   Test pane 807c

 NCR ATM test sheetlet

 NCR Post Expo label

 Nebraska black

  Test specimen verticla pair

 USA Nebraska black2 1954.jpg

 USA Nebraska black 1954.jpg

USA Nebraska blue 1954.jpg 

 USA test pane TDB5.jpg

  a_USA 5c blank pane.jpg

 Nebraska black 1954

 Nebraska black 1954

 Nebraska blue 1954

 Test pane

  5c blank pane

 a_USA experimental 00.jpg

a_USA Experimental 00 2.jpg 

 a_USA GSSC Parrot design.jpg

 a_USA Peckmore specimens.jpg

  a_USA Pitney meter test 2004.jpg

 Experimental label

  Experimental label

 GSSC parrot trial label

 Peckmore images

 Pitney Bowes meter test 2004

 a_USA test APC label 2004.jpg

 a_USA Test Book BIADMY7b2.jpg

 a_USA test book Scott BIADMY7a.jpg

a_USA Test Book Scott BIADMY8c.jpg 

a_USA Test Book Scott BK100TEST.jpg  

 Test APC label 2004

 Dummy book BIADMY7b2

 Dummy book BIADMY7a

 Dummy book BIADMY8c

 Dummy book BK100test


'For Testing Purposes Only' Labels - Black

 SPI_T_USA_BEP_500 roll.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_BEP_3000 roll.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_BEP_dummy roll of 3000.jpg

SPI_T_USA_BEP_dummy rolls.jpg 

 SPI_T_USA_large roll.jpg

 Roll label for 500 FTPOs

 Roll label for 3,000 FTPOs

  Roll label for 3,000 FTPOs

 Roll of FTPO labels 

 Large roll of FTPO labels

SPI_T_USA_Dummy roll of 100.jpg 

SPI_T_USA_Dummy_roll of 3000.jpg 


SPI_T_USA_FTPO blue line.jpg 

SPI_T_USA_FTPO_2 black lines.jpg 

 Dummy roll of 100 FTPO labels 

  Roll label for 3,000 FTPOs

 Roll label for 500 FTPOs

 Blue line on label 

  Two black lines on label

SPI_T_USA_FTPO_miscut black.jpg 





 Miscut labels 

  Roll of 500 BEP dummy testing labels

 BEP Dummy coil

 FTPO miscut

 FTPO self-adhesive

 aa_USA FTPO miscut.jpg





  Miscut labels 






'For Testing Purposes Only' Labels - Other Colours

 SPI_T_USA_red testing labels.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_FTPO brown dummy.jpg

SPI_T_USA_FTPO green.jpg 



 Red testing labels

  Brown testing labels

 Green testing label

 Blue coil testing labels

 Brown DTC10 labels






 DTC1R with red lines

 Green FTPO label pair

 DTC10 Purple labels

 Magenta labels

 Eagle test labels


 USA BEP Carmine 1960.jpg

 USA dummy purple block.jpg

 a_USA Scott 43FTPO Green.jpg


 Green FTPO single

 Carmine FTPO single

 Purple dummy misperforated




Stamp Affixing Labels - Multipost

 SPI_T_USA_friden multipost.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_Multipost red controls.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_multipost blue coil.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_Multipost blue.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_multipost red coil.jpg

  Multipost Friden labels

 Multipost Mailmaster labels

Multipost deep blue labels 

 Multipost blue labels

  Multipost red labels

SPI_T_USA_Multipost red strip.jpg 



 a_USA Multipost.jpg

 aa_USA Multipost ad card.gif

 Multipost red labels

  Multipost advertisement

 Multipost strip

Multipost block on piece

   Multipost advertisement


Stamp Affixing Labels - Others

 SPI_T_USA_Affixing stamps.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_Harris automatic.jpg

SPI_T_USA_Mail-om-eter brown cutout.jpg 

 SPI_T_USA_Mail-om-eter brown strip.jpg

SPI_T_USA_Mail-om-eter cover.jpg 

  Various labels

  Harris Automatic stamp affixing labels (B&W photo)

  Mail-om-eter brown label - on piece

 Mail-om-eter brown label - strip 

 Mail-om-eter brown label -  on cover 

 SPI_T_USA_Postmaster affixer.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_Postmaster purple.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_Stanard green.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_Standard affix label2.jpg

 SPI_T_USA_Standard Affixer.jpg

  Postmaster's label in lilac

Postmaster's label in purple 

Standard Affixer label in  green 

  Standard Affixer label in blue-green 

 Standard Affixer label in green 

 SPI_T_USA_Standard affixer brown.jpg




 USA affix Pence Mailing Co 1914.jpg

  Standard Affixer label in brown

Various affixing labels

 Various  affixing labels

 Puritan affixing labels

  Pence Mailing Co. 1914

USA Mailometer brown.jpg 

USA affix mailometer red.jpg 

 USA affix National 1920ish.jpg

USA Ziegel coil strips.jpg 

  USA affix ro-ta-re.jpg

 Mail-om-eter brown labels

 Mailometer red 

  National Postal Meter red

Ziegel strips 

  Ro-ta-re blue

 a_USA Affixer Extensive.jpg

 a_USA Affixing Hoffman cover.jpg

 a_usa Affixing Hoffman-Corr.jpg

 a_USA Eagle test coil.jpg

  a_USA Mail o meter test coil.jpg

 Affixer Extensive

 Hoffman cover

 Hoffman label

 Eagle test coil

 Mail o Meter test coil

aa_USA  Postmaster's affix 1960s.jpg 

 aa_USA National affixing label.gif

aa_USA NatPostMeter affixing label.gif 

 aa_USA Mailometer affixing label 3.gif

 aa_USA Stearns Daniels affixing label.gif 

  Postmaster's label in lilac

 National red and blue

 Nationa red

 Mail-o-Meter red

 Stearns Daniels green