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 First postage stamp issued: 1840

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From the very first stamp onwards, Britain has largely utilised private printing companies to print its postage stamps. Other countries frequently have a state printing works or bureau that might be part of a larger governmental security printing complex. Often, these state-run enterprises also print the bank notes, bonds, passports and the like for the nation. The state bank, internal revenue department or survey department might be commissioned to generate the stamps.  In the early days of stamp production, it was not uncommon for the local newspaper office to print the stamps as they obviously possessed the necessary printing equipment. But back to Britain....

There is much more work to be undertaken into researching the British printers of stamps and I have only scraped the surface with this section. I have dozens of reference materials that have not been included at this stage, due to my desire to get the whole world launched on this web-site. Please bear with me. Living in London, England, the home of the postage stamp and where the world's first stamp was printed, it is perhaps not surprising that I have a special interest in the output of Great Britain.Some of the names reproduced here may well surprise visitors. The well-known names such as Waterlow, Questa and Harrison are familiar the world over, but few collectors would be aware of many of the others.

Glenn Morgan FRPSL, 17 April 2006