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This web page records some of the compliments and recognition made to this web-site by its many visitors, from the philatelic and print industries.

It is really appreciated that people consider the site worthy of comment and your webmaster willl continue to do all that he can to improve and expand on the content following the feedback - and available time!

Please note that not all print industry correspondents wished its staff to be mentioned in view of the security nature of their work and this is, of course, respected. A decision was therefore taken not to record anyone by name, lest it caused any offence, embarrassment or security risk to themselves or their employers.

Awards / Recognition  

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Sept. 2003 'Web-site of the Month, September 2003'. Stamp Magazine (UK)

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Nov. 2003 A Five Star rating awarded by Stamp2.com
Dec. 2003 Gold medal from
Stamp2.com in its quarterly web awards scheme.

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January 2004 Large Gold medal from Stamp2.com in its annual web excellence awards programme.  
Stamp2's panel of philatelic and internet experts scour the internet to honour the best philatelic websites. An evaluation is based on presentation, content and originality and your webmaster was delighted to have received this award.

A selection of the many kind comments made about this site:

"From the U.S., I appreciate all of the hard work you have put into this very interesting and useful website. In particular, the downloadable PDF files are great. Thank you!" S P, USA

'I came across your great web-site whilst I was doing some research.  Please accept my congratulations on a well designed and informative site.  We are stamp printers from Bahrain.' Oriental Press, Bahrain

"Try Stamp Printers by Glenn Morgan, a vast web site with tons of information." GBMachins

"The finest source of information regarding the printing of postage stamps must be the award winning British website www.stampprinters.info. This site contains a vast amount of information regarding the various printing firms, the technology of printing and other fascinating information." John Law

"I came across this site www.stampprinters.info which has a humungous information base." Rodney

'I've visited your stamp printers web-site twice and been impressed with it. It has a slick design, clear layout and is truly packed with information (well meriting the domain name info). The opening audio clip is a neat touch, too, and the illustrations are admirable. Well done!' JN, England

'Your site is very exciting and I will be pleased to visit it again in the future.' I imagine in some cases unearthing information about the firms must have been a great challenge! TB, England

'Just found your interesting and beautiful website....' Frimerkeverket (RFSC), Norway

'Great web site. I was hoping you might link to our Society's web page www.uspcs.org on your site. I have just added yours to ours. Best regards and keep up the great work - a much needed site!!' United States Philatelic Classics Society, USA

'WOW...what a great source of information, Glenn. And what a lot of work! Congratulations...and Thank you'. www.graphics-stamps.org Graphics Philately Association, USA