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The following was written by John Holman when your webmaster was nominated to sign the Roll of Notable Cinderella Collectors:

Glenn Morgan has been a stamp collector since 1965, and is now a respected author, exhibitor, and noted authority on stamp printing companies. Glenn is amongst a small group of collectors who has published his research and findings for all the specialised areas he collects. In the cinderella field he has undertaken important work on British stamp exhibition souvenirs and 'dummy stamps'  - printers' samples, publicity labels, and similar material. His published works include: Postage Paid Franks and Cancellations of the Channel Islands (1983); Letter Boxes on Stamps and Postal Stationery (three edns since 1985), British Post Office Santa Mail Service (1989), Welcome to the House of Questa (1989), Royal Household Mail (1992), British Stamp Exhibitions: A Priced Catalogue of Sheets, Cards and Labels (1995, CD edn 2004 and 2010), British Stamp Printers (British Philatelic Bulletin Publication No 12, 2006) and British Stamp Exhibitions: Stamp Booklets (2010). New e-books entitled British Stamp Printers Handbook and Philately and the Letter Box are at an advanced stage with both works containing more than 1,200 pages each. His articles have appeared in a number of journals, including the popular 'Stamp Scene' and 'The world of online philately' features in the British Philatelic Bulletin. Since 2006 he has published the well-received 'Dummy Stamps' online journal, and runs an impressive website comprising more than 1,500 pages devoted to stamp printers and their history (www.stamprinters.info), which was awarded a gold medal in 2003 and a large gold in 2004 for its presentation, content and originality.

Glenn served as Hon Librarian of the National Philatelic Society, 1993-2008, and has received major awards up to gold medal standard at many national and international exhibitions. In 2010 he entered for the first time - and won - the Cinderella Stamp Club Glass Slipper for his exhibit 'Harrison Dummy Stamps of King George V', and in 2012 won the Theo Jones Open Class Salver of the Great Britain Philatelic Society for his exhibit 'The Development of British Postage Printed On Site'. He was nominated for the Rowland Hill Awards three times, receiving its Royal Mail Innovation prize in 2004 for journalistic excellence in philatelic writing, and was elected Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London in 2002. The Cinderella Stamp Club subsequently made Glenn a signatory to the Roll of Notable Cinderella Philatelists (RNCP).