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None of the following links are paid-for advertising or sponsored in any way. They are either sites that the compiler found useful during research for this web-site and is happy to promote, or are personal favourites. Please support them by clicking on a logo to enter your preferred site.

eBay Auctions  

ebay is the home of the net's best auctions. Register, then bid on most things philatelic.

This is the main site to consider for auction purchases. It covers all aspects of stamp collecting. It is great for research purposes, for many of the featured lots contain valuable information that is not to be found elsewhere.

eBay search for "Printing"  within the eBay auction heading of Stamps.
eBay search for "Printers" within the eBay auction heading of Stamps.


A great site for errors!

If you enjoy errors on stamps, especially British, then look no further than this site.

Flaming Text  

At this site you can create custom images for FREE, to use on your web-site, or in your e-mail. There are loads of headings, buttons, fonts and clip-art to download and it is a most useful resource that comes recommended and with the grateful thanks of the compiler of this site.

Google Search Engine  

Google - the best search engine on the net, with over two billion pages to check-out. And it's free of advertising.

Simply the best search engine on the web for any purpose - philatelic or otherwise. Google helped the compiler find most of the web-sites recorded as links within this database of stamp printers.

Joann Lenz  

Joann Lenz
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Joann's site reflects the interests that this well-known American collector has in modern United States philately and postal history, an area so often neglected.

The more obscure the item, the more Joann is likely to be interested in obtaining it and, perhaps more importantly, recording it on her site.

The Letter Box Study Group  

Like letter boxes? Then join the LBSG

If letter boxes are of interest, then you simply must visit this excellent site. It contains many images and is a great 'taster' for what letter box spotting is all about.

Members are also interested in collecting models, stamps, postcards, etc and the quarterly newsletter covers all these aspects. The LBSG primarily covers British boxes.

National Philatelic Society  

The National Philatelic Society is one of the largest general philatelic societies in Great Britain whose members are drawn from throughout the UK and Overseas. It serves a worldwide membership and provides many facilities and services.

The NPS celebrated its Centenary in 1999, having been founded by famous stamp collector and philatelic writer Fred J Melville as the Junior Philatelic Society in 1899.

Slania Group  

Czeslaw Slania, the Royal Swedish Court Engraver from Poland,  has his own on-line "fan" club. Register for free and learn all about this great man and his work.

Czeslaw Slania's on-line 'fan club', covering all aspects of this now deceased stamp and banknote engraver's work. A Guiness World Record holder three times over, no less!

United States Philatelic Classics Society 


The US Philatelic Classics Society is the successor of 'The Three Cent 1851-57 Unit' of the American Philatelic Society.

It was originally founded by a group of '51 to '57 specialists and since its founding, the Society has broadened its scope to include postal issues and postal history from the Stampless era up to the Bureau Issues.