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Bibliographies by country letter 
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IMPORTANT - Over time, PDFs - one per country where your compiler has imagery - will be uploaded and take the place of the rather cumbersome current method of image depiction. Any PDFs already done (such as Australia) will be initial draft copies only. There may be further imagery added to the initial version of the PDF as and when time permits.

The notes that follow are a reflection of the partially upgraded PDF pages.

Copyright: The compiler of the stampprinters.info website and of the separate series of PDF imagery documents that follow is committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Every effort has been made to contact the copyright holders of images to obtain their permission for reproduction. If any images are shown where the copyright holder has not been acknowledged on the website, please contact the compiler via the Guest Book and the necessary amendment will be made immediately.

Scale: Imagery has been obtained from a myriad of sources over decades. As a result it has been impossible to depict items to a consistent scale, as many items will not have actually been seen. Some may therefore be shown larger than real life, others smaller, but in all cases the height versus width ratio is in proportion.

Colours: Items scanned digitally are notorious for being depicted in different shades dependent on the scanner used. If two similar items are shown in different shades this does not mean that two shades actually exist.

Explanatory Text: Available time does not permit extensive writing-up of the many items depicted. Where there is text, it is invariably because it had been included as part of the earlier way of depicting imagery on the stampprinters.info website.

Order of Items: In an ideal world, imagery would be depicted in a strict “as issued” order. However, this has not been possible at this time, so if item A is depicted before item B, this does not imply that item A was issued first.

Quality of Images: Due to the many sources used, some images are top quality and others are of a poor quality. This becomes especially evident when the PDF is blown-up beyond 100%. However, a decision was made that it would be better to show a poor image rather than no image at all.

These Notes: This information has not been reproduced on every PDF, only on this introductory page, so please familiarise yourself with these notes when consulting the PDFs.

...and Finally: Some of these notes appear to be excuses for not doing a proper job of cataloguing these fascinating items. To some extent this is true, but in reality your compiler is trying to cover the entire world, while still having a life! It may need to be left to others to undertake research in depth for countries other than Great Britain** in due course and it is hoped that this embryonic non-British dummy stamps handbook may provide that impetus.

(**His main interest and to be the subject of a separate specialised handbook, hopefully in 2016)