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Delo Tiskarna Printing Works, Ljubljana.

Slovenia Delo 1998 Boc Mountain.jpg

 Slovenia 2006 Cats.jpg

Slovenia Europa 2002 progs.jpg 

 Slovenia 1997 Fish.jpg

 Slovenia 1996 Fungi.jpg

Progressives block 1998 Mountains

 Progressive block 2006 Cats

 Progressive block 2002 Circus

 Progressive block 1997 Fish

 Progressive block 1996 Fungi

Slovenia 0000 Soccer.jpg 

Slovenia 1992 sheet.jpg 

Slovenia 2005 Love.jpg 



  Progressive block 2000 Soccer

  Progressive block 1992

  Progressive block 2005 Love



Government Printer / Government Printing Works, Pretoria.

 SPI_T_SOUTH AFRICA_Trial labels.jpg

 South Africa phos trials 1998.jpg




 Training labels

 Phosphor trials by Questa




Miscellaneous Spanish Images

SPI_T_SPAIN_atm sample.jpg 

 SPI_T_SPAIN_Wincor Nixdorf label.jpg




  ATM sample label

  Wincor Nixdorf Spanish euro trial label




Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, Madrid.

SPI_T_SPAIN_skier test.jpg 

SPI_T_SPAIN_FNMPT gutter strip.jpg 


 tn_Brazil Casa de Moeda.jpg

 aTH_a_Spain Signe ATM.jpg

  Spanish skier testing block

 Rowland Hill(?) / Goya(?) testing gutter block

 Rowland Hill(?) / Goya (?) testing block

 Various testing labels

 ATM box label

  aTH_a_Spain FNMT ATM.jpg

    Spain Ski error.jpg  

 Spain ski error 2.jpg

 Spain FNMT book.jpg


 ATM box label

 Ski labels poorly printed

  Ski labels poorly printed




Miscellaneous Sudanese Images

SPI_T_SUDAN_school training camels.jpg


Training School label singles

Training School labels in full sheet

Training School labels in full sheet

Training School labels in full sheet

Training School labels in full shee




Training School labels in full sheet

Training School labels in full sheet




Miscellaneous Swedish Images
~ Slania

 SPI_T_SWEDEN_Slania selfportrait label.jpg


Slania self-portrait engraved label

Slania  Dahlsten label

Set of Slania Boxers labels

Part sheet of Slania Boxers

Full sheet of Slania Boxers labels

 aTH_a_Sweden slania Grunwald.jpg

 aTH_a_Sweden slania lutzen.jpg




 Grunwald engraving

 Lutzen engraving




PFA Stamp Printing Works (Sweden Post Stamps), Kista.

SPI_T_SWEDEN_Coloured cathedral book.jpg

SPI_T_SWEDEN_David pruple.jpg

SPI_T_SWEDEN_Blue woman.jpg

1994 subscribers' Gift booklet  -cover 

1994 subscribers' Gift booklet  -inside

 Cathedral booklet - coloured

David design purple miscut block 

  Sven Ewart's testing block

 aTH_a_Sweden 1993 conifer coil.jpg

 aTH_a_Sweden 1999 ships gift.jpg

 aTH_a_Sweden 2001 gift sheet.jpg

 Training labels set

 Upsalla Cathedral testing labels in two colour ways

 1993 conifer customer gift

 1999 ships customer gift

 2001 nature customer gift

 aTH_a_Sweden Nobel black print.jpg

 aTH_a_Sweden 2000 gift sheet.jpg

 aTH_a_Sweden dummy book.jpg

 aTH_a_Sweden dummy cover.jpg

Sweden Stockholmia sheet.jpg

 Nobel Prize black print

 2000 toys customer gift

 Dummy stamp booklet labels

  Dummy stamp booklet outside cover

Stockholmia sheet

Sweden Vaderkvarn blan book.jpg

 sweden 2005 gift.jpg

 Sweden boats.jpg

Sweden europa.jpg 

Sweden europa2.jpg 

Vaderkvarn blank book

2005 gift folder

1992  Ships black print

 Europa imperf

 Europa black portion of print

Sweden Ewart block.jpg 

 Sweden gift 2003.jpg

 Sweden gift 2003 card.jpg

 Sweden gift 2004.jpg

 Sweden space.jpg

 Ewart block

 Gift sheet 2003

 Gift card 2003

Gift booklet 2004

Space black portion imperf

Sweden Upsalla.jpg 

 aa_Sweden Evert 1937 green.jpg

 aa_sweden postman test pane.jpg

  Sweden 2006 gift sheet.jpg

Sweden 1992 Boats sheets.jpg  

 Uppsala labels

Ewart 1937 green

 Postman labels

   2006 gift sheet

1992 Boats folder 

  Sweden Sjofart blank book.jpg





 Sjofart blank book





iscellaneous Swiss Images

Switzerland UPU IRC SPECIMEN.jpg

 Switzerland 200 year book.jpg

Switzerland 1999 year book vignette.jpg 

Switzerland 1998 year book vignette.jpg  

Switzerland 2002 year book vignette.jpg 


 2000 year book gift

 1999 year book gift

   1998 year book gift

 2002 year book gift

 aTH_a_Switzerland Courvoisier 2000 booklet.jpg

 aTH_a_Switzerland Courvoisier earth mountain front.jpg

 aTH_a_Switzerland Courvoisier earth mountain back.jpg

Switzerland 2005 year book vignette.jpg

Switzerland 2004 year book vignette.jpg

 2000 promo booklet

 Face of promo sheet

Reverse of promo sheet

2005 year book gift 

 2004 year book gift

 Switzerland 2003 year book vignette.jpg

Switzerland 1997 year book vignette.jpg


 2003 year book gift

Various Swiss trial labels - including Courvoisier

Swiss PO Album souvenir 1996

 1997 year book gift


PTT Stamp Printing Works, Berne.

 SPI_T_SWITZERLAND_alpinepost blue sheet.jpg

SPI_T_SWITZERLAND_train progs.jpg

SPI_T_SWITZERLAND_wave and ball.jpg


SPI_T_SWITZERLAND_brown alpine sheet.jpg

 Alpine post - blue sheet

Train testing label progressives

Ball and wavy line testing labels 

Butterfly sheet

Alpine post - brown sheet 

SPI_T_SWITZERLAND_David red sheet.jpg

SPI_T_SWITZERLND_fern proof.jpg

SPI_T_SWITZERLAND_Fish sheet.jpg


David blue and yellow trial - recess

David sheet

Fern proof

Fish sheet

Lemanex progressives sheet

 Switzerland test 1941.jpg

 aa_Switzerland Specimen 1966 sheet.jpg

 aTH_a_Switzerland 1966 trial progressives.jpg

 aTH_a_Switzerland test prints.jpg

 1942 test labels on card

 Specimen 1966 sheet

 SPECIMEN testing label progressives

 Test prints

Various Swiss trial labels - including PTT