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Joh. Enschedé Stamps BV, Haarlam.

NL test book4.jpg



 Dummy Books

Red cross (saltire) testing labels

'Shirley Temple' testing label in blue

 Publicity label used on cover

2000 sheetlet depicting Night Watchman painting

 aTH_a_ATM NETH Tulips Dummy.jpg

 aTH_a_ATM NETH Windmills Dummy.jpg

   aTH_a_ATM NETH Woman Dummy.jpg

 ATM dummy tulips sheetlet face and reverse

 ATM dummy sheetlet windmill (blue) face and reverse

  ATM dummy sheetlet - s/a

1992 Xmas booklet pane

1992 Xmas booklet cover

 aTH_a_ATM NETH Blue Man Dummy.jpg

 aTH_a_ATM NETH Houses Dummy.jpg

 aTH_a_netherlands Enschede HK2004.jpg

 aTH_a_Netherlands ATM windmills 2.jpg

aTH_a_Netherlands ATM windmills 2 ack.jpg  

 ATM dummy head sheetlet face and reverse

  ATM dummy houses sheetlet water soluble face and reversed

 Hong Kong 2004 stamp exhibition souvenir

 ATM dummy windmills (colour) sheetlet face

 ATM dummy windmills sheetlet (colour) reverse

 aTH_a_Netherlands Enschede coil labels.jpg

Netherlands Enschede Xmas 93.jpg 

  NL test book1.jpg

Netherlands Saltire cross blue red.jpg 

  NL test book5.jpg

 Box ends for UK stamps

 1993 Xmas card

Dummy Books

 Saltire in blue or red

 Dummy Books

NL test book2.jpg  

 NL Shirley Temple.jpg




  Dummy Books

 So-called Shirley Temple label used on mail





Miscellaneous New Zealand Images

 NZ SouthernCP Penguin Sheet.jpg


2001 QEII progressives

2001 Car progressives

2001 Aircraft progressives

 Southern Colour Print Penguin sheet



 Government Printing Office, Wellington.





Dickie coil trial block 






 Nigeria training 12k.jpg

 Nigeria training N2.jpg




 School specimen label

 School specimen label 





Norges Banks Seddeltrykkeri, Oslo




 aTH_a_Norway Grieg gutters.jpg

 Norway NBS sheet.jpg

  Grieg perforated testing sample

  Imperforate Grieg gutter block

   Imperforate Grieg block

   Imperforate Grieg gutter block - without hole in margin

 Jonas Lie sheet

 Norway Moestue 1930s reindeer.jpg





   Moestue 1930s reindeer label