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Ministry of Finance Printing Bureau [Okurasho Insatsukyoku Seizo], Oji Plant, Kita-Ku, Tokyo North. 

SPI_T_JAPAN_SA Trial 2.jpg

SPI_T_JAPAN_sample 1.jpg

SPI_T_JAPAN_Sample 2.jpg

SPI_T_JAPAN_sample 3.jpg

SPI_T_JAPAN_SA Trial.jpg

Self-adhesive trial booklet 1 contents

Sample label

Sample label

City sample label

Self-adhesive trial book 1 cover

SPI_T_JAPAN_SA Trial 4.jpg

SPI_T_JAPAN_SA Trial 3.jpg

 Boatmen trial in reddish-purple

Cormorant Bird trial label in blue

Bear trial label in green

Self-adhesive trial booklet 2 cover 

 Self-adhesive trial booklet 2 contents

 Insect trial design in green

 Flower trial design

 Horse and mask trial in purple and yellow

Fish trial design in red

 Crysanth trial design

Thunder God trial design

Salt trial design in blue

Purple flower trail design

Peacock trial design in purple

Mountain trial design

aTH_a_Japan Mount Tsurugi.jpg 

 aTH_a_Japan Morning Glory.jpg

Mount Tsurugi trial design

 Morning Glory flower trial design

Mask trial design in brown

Yellow bird trial design

Various trial designs

 aTH_a_Japan Kitchijotan Statue.jpg

 aTH_a_Japan Honeybee on flower.jpg

aTH_a_Japan anenome.jpg 


 Japan 1977 phosphor stamp esays.jpg 

 Kitchijotan Statue trial design

 Honeybee on flower tral design

 Anenome Flower trial design

Sample booklet 

 1977 phosphor labels

Japan Test Stamps1.jpg 

Japan Test Stamps2.jpg 

Japan Test Stamps3.jpg 

 Japan Test Stamps5.jpg

  Japan Test Stamps6.jpg

 Sample Folder

 Sample Folder

Sample Folder 

 Sample Folder

 Sample Folder

Japan 1.jpg 





  Sample booklet

 Sample booklet