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Miscellaneous German Images

SPI_T_GERMANY Telefunken test.jpg

SPI_T_GERMANY_goebel essays.jpg

Germany Lemgo red label.jpg

SPI_T_GERMANY_Wincor Nixdorf label.jpg

Telefunken testing label

Goebel essays

Goebels Townhall 

Wincor Nixdorf trial label

Klussendorf testing label strip


 aTH_a_Germany Prokent labels.jpg

 aTH_a_Germany Wincor blue label.jpg

Klussendorf testing label strip

Klussendorf testing label singles

 Klussendorf testing label single

 Prokent testing labels

 Wincor Nixdorf testing labels

 aTH_a_Germany test coil.jpg

aTH_a_Germany test coil with number.jpg

 Germany Goebels Townhall.jpg

 Germany X overprinted.jpg

 Wincor Nixdorf label.jpg

 Coil testing blanks

 Coil testing blanks with reverse number

 Goebels Town Hall label

 Overprinted X to deface press  samples

  Wincor Nixdorf testing labels

 Germany Goebels Townhall.jpg





 Goebels Townhall





Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Berlin.

SPI_T_GERMANY_german test.jpg

SPI_T_GERMANY_german coils.jpg

SPI_T_GERMANY_Bundesdrucerei sheet.jpg

SPI_T_GERMANY_dummy book.jpg

Testing coils

Testing coils

Promotional miniature sheet

Dummy testing booklet

 IBRA 73 souvenir sheet from stand

 aTH_a_Germany test Bridge.jpg

 aTH_a_Germany Test University.jpg

 Germany NatGallery 1.jpg

 Germany NatGallery 2.jpg


 Bridge testing label progressives

 University testing label progressives

National Gallery

 National Gallery


Georg Gehringer GmbH, Kaiserslautern

SPI_T_GERMANY_Gehringer card.jpg





Presentation card with dummy labels

Presentation card with dummy labels




Reichsdruckerei, Berlin.




SPI_T_GERMANY_reichsdruckerei z.jpg


Testing label in green

1935 testing label in red

Logo of the Reichesdruckerei

Promotional label

Promotional label



 Germany sheet stephan.jpg

 Germany Stahldruck.jpg

 Germany Stahldruck proof.jpg

Testing labels in red and brown

1935(?) testing label in red and black

Stephan full sheet


Stahldruck proof



Coil Vending

aTH_a_GB egg FDC.jpg

 aTH_a_cig card backs.jpg

 aTH_a_cig card printing stamps.jpg

 aTH_a_cig card reeling stamps.jpg

 aTH_a_cig card refilling machine.jpg

 1957 Scouts testing FDC

Cigarette cards re printing / vending

 Cigarette cards re printing / vending

 Cigarette cards re printing / vending

 Cigarette cards re printing / vending

 aTH_a_early coil machine.jpg

 aTH_a_GB egg offset.jpg

 aTH_a_GB egg coil join.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Egg leader VERT2.jpg

  aTH_a_GB egg leadser HORIZ.jpg

 Early coil machine


Coil join

 Coil Leader

Coil Leader

 aTH_a_GB Mulitpost machine.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Hillday strip.jpg

 aTH_a_GB red green coils.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Poached vert coil leader.jpg

  aTH_a_GB Multipost.jpg

 Multipost machine

 Hillday test labels

 Red/Green test coils

Coil  Leader

 Multipost labels

 aTH_a_GB Multipost strip.jpg

 aTH_a_GB plain coil leader.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Lightening coil types.jpg

aTH_a_GB egg leader VERT.jpg 

 aTH_a_GB Arms coil piece.jpg 

 Red Multipost strip

 Plain coil leader

 Lightening coil types

 Vertical coil leader

 Arms coil piece

 aTH_a_GB Grover coil tests.jpg

aTH_a_GB various Harrison coils.jpg 




 Grover coil tests

 Various Harrison coils





Book vending

 aTH_a_GB Dummy wrapper.jpg

 aTH_a_GB 1974 school book.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Jun 57 1s booklet CANCELLED.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Scout egg strip.jpg

  aTH_a_GB Wedgwood story 2.jpg

 Dummy wrapper band

 1974 School overprint

 June 1957 test book

 Scouts egg strip 1957

 Story of Wedgwood

 aTH_a_GB Wedgwood2 uncut pair.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Dummy 2s booklet.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Wedgwood story1.jpg

aTH_a_GB test book.jpg

  aTH_a_GB Dummy 10p book grey.jpg

 Story of Wedgwood

 2/-  :Lemon test book

 Story of Wedgwood publicity book

Test book

 10p test book

 aTH_a_GB 6d Razor book SG BC1.jpg

 aTH_a_GB vend no longer in use sticker.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Test book 1st one.jpg

 aTH_a_GB test book 1st one OFC.jpg


 SG BC1 razor book

 Vending no longer in use sticker

First folded test book

 First folded test book OFC




SPI_T_GB_Consort essay.jpg 

 aTH_a_GB Consort essay brown.jpg

aTH_a_GB experimental king of portugal salmon.jpg 



Prince Consort Essay (see Note 1 below) 

 Prince Consort Essay (see Note 1 below) 

 Salmon coloured King of Portugal essay



Note 1 - 'PRINCE CONSORT ESSAY: This essay was produced for Henry Archer in 1850 in connection with his proposal to print and perforate postage stamps for Great Britain. He claimed that by using the surface printing method he could print stamps cheaper than the more costly line-engraved process used by Perkins, Bacon and Petch.   The result was that the British Government managed to persuade Perkins,  Bacon and Petch to reduce their price. Henry Archer, along with the engraver he hired to create the Prince Consort Essay were interviewed by the British Government in the Report From The Select Committee On Postage Labels Stamps (1852). The Report also includes information that De La Rue was consulted on Archer's proposal. Thanks to Tim Burgess for this information.

Other images

 aTH_a_GB encapsulated cards.jpg

 aTH_a_GB 4p due sheet.jpg

 aTH_a_GB 10p due sheet.jpg

 aTH_a_GB SMI pres pack.jpg

  aTH_a_GB SMI Cover Denmark.jpg

 Selection of encapsulated cards

 4p postage due sheet

 10p postage due sheet

 SMI preswentation pack

 SMI Denmark cover demonstration

 aTH_a_GB Tullis HK2004 Temple.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Tullis HK2004 Temple2.jpg

 aTH_a_GB McCaw Stevens.jpg

a_GB Grover coil tests.jpg 


 Tullis Russell Hong Kong sheet

 Tullis Russell Hong Kong sheet incomplete printing

 McCaw   Stevens label. Stamp printers?

 Grover perf trials


Bradbury, Wilkinson & Company Limited (then PLC), New Malden.





Ship design in red

 Ship design  labels

Imperf ship design in black

 Imperf ship design in maroon

 Ship design in red



  aTH_a_GB 1964 BW Shakespeare 2s6d.jpg

   aTH_a_GB Helmet essays.jpg

   GB Brads brochure2.jpg 

Imperf ship design in violet

5/- design in green

 1964 Shakespeare presentation card

 Helmet essays


 b_GB BW booklet.jpg










Thomas De La Rue and Company Limited,
London and Basingstoke.


SPI_T_GB_DLR_Green women labels.jpg

SPI_T_GB_DLR_Minerva brown.jpg

SPI_T_GB_DLR_Minerva green.jpg

SPI_T_GB_DLR Playing cards.jpg

Eagle promotional label

Victorian women promotional labels

Minerva testing label: brown

Minerva testing label: green

DLR playing cards

SPI_T_GB_DLR_Victorian testing label.jpg


SPI_T_GB_DLR_Guernsey stamp.gif



Victoria testing label

Promotional labels

DLR stamp from Guernsey

 Minerva design in carmine

Singapore progressive salesman's sample


 aTH_a_GB DLR World of book.jpg

 aTH_a_GB DLR World of book inside.jpg



Singapore progressive salesman's samples

 World of DLR book

World of DLR book within

 1933 DLR Perfin on cover

  Minerva labels in red

 aTH_a_GB DLR 1950s used on cover.jpg

 aTH_a_GB DLR 1955 Invite.jpg

 aTH_a_GB DLR Book.jpg

 aTH_a_GB DLR Imprint.jpg

  aTH_a_GB DLR Journal.jpg

 DLR labels 1950s on cover

 DLR 1955 invite card

 DLR publication

DLR Imprint

 DLR commemorative journal

 GB DLR Minerva blocks.jpg

GB DLR rose TDLR.jpg




 Minerva blocks

 DLR Rose label





Eureka Printing Company

SPI_T_GB_Eureka wildings.jpg





Wilding style testing labels





Format International Security Printers Limited, London.


 a_GB Format imprint.jpg




Proof card





Harrison and Sons Limited,
London, Hayes and High Wycombe


SPI_T_GB_dummy ftpo x6.jpg

SPI_T_GB_Harrison_dummy book page.jpg

SPI_T_GB_Harrison_training items.bmp

SPI_T_GB_Training booklet.jpg

SPI_T_GB Testing book.jpg

Testing labels ex-booklet

Testing booklets

Training booklet, plus overprinted stamps

Training booklet

Training booklet

SPI_T_GB_Dummy books.jpg



 aTH_a_GB Harrison booklet pane.jpg


Testing booklet

 Dummy coloured AVC labels

 Letter re previous coloured labels

 Early booklet pane




SPI_T_GB_Harrison 1948 wedding card.jpg

SPI_T_GB_HARRISON_Fest of Brit Card.jpg


 aTH_a_GB Harrison NZ 1952 card.jpg


Silver Wedding presentation card

Festival of Britain presentation card

 Victory presentation card

 New Zealand 1952 card



Labels and General Images

SPI_T_GB_Harrison_blue harrison labels.jpg

SPI_T_GB_Harrison blue labels2.jpg

SPI_T_GB_Harrison_blue labels3.jpg

SPI_T_GB_Harrison test.jpg


Thomas Richard Harrison testing labels

Thomas Richard Harrison testing labels

Thomas Richard Harrison testing labels

Testing label. Trading stamp?

Shakespeare labels sheet - ink standards






 Jumelle press undenominated Machin samples

Painting of female in offset

 Ship design in offset

 Strip of painting designs in photogravure

 Vertical poached egg strip



 aTH_a_GB Harrison coil piece.jpg

 GB Harrison NPY 3d imperf.jpg

  aTH_a_GB 53 Coronation black prints.jpg

 Various test / training labels

Horizontal poached eggs strip

 Coil piece

  NPY Imperf waste

 1952 Coronation black print

 aTH_a_GB Harrsions coils.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Harrison violet coil piece.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Harrison Trading test3.jpg

aTH_a_GB Harrison Trading test.jpg 

  aTH_a_GB Harrison RFYork.jpg


 Coil piece

 Trading test labels

 Trading test labels

 R F York, Works Mgr

 aTH_a_GB Harrison imprint.jpg

 GB Harrison Bistre book pane.jpg

GB Harrison Coronation prints.jpg 

 GB Harrison Ind Arch block4 1972.jpg

 GB Harrison Ind Arch essay 1972.jpg 

Harrison  Imprint

 Bistre booklet pane

Coronation black prints

 Industrial archeology block ex Penrose annual

Industrial archeology MS essay ex Penrose


The House of Questa Limited, London and Byfleet.

SPI_T_GB_QUESTA_Dummy blue book cover.jpg

SPI_T_GB_QUESTA_blue dummy book.jpg


aTH_a_GB Questa proof card.jpg 

 aTH_a_GB Questa Balloon card.jpg

Dummy booklet cover. See next image

Dummy booklet contents of previous image

 Superlitho trials  using an Hong Kong dummy stamp design

 Proof card

 Balloon postcard from 1980

 aTH_a_GB 1996 Questa sheet.jpg





 1996 competition sheet





Perkins, Bacon & Company Limited,

 aTH_a_GB Perkins 1879 pale green.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Perkins 1879 lilac.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Perkins 1879 dk green.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Perkins 1879 blue.jpg

  GB Perkins Bacon card.jpg

 1879 Tender trial essay

 1879 Tender trial essay

 1879 Tender trial essay

 1879 Tender trial essay

 Sample card

Charles Skipper and East, London and Paris.

GB CS&E.jpg





1879 trials





John Waddington of Kirkstall Limited, Kirkstall, Leeds.






 Kirkstall Abbey design

 Crescent Bird of Prey design

 Crescent Post Office Tower design

 Crescent tanker design

 Crescent camel design


Walsall Security Printers Limited, Walsall.

aTH_a_GB Walsall 2000 label.jpg

SPI_T_GB_Walsall_rolls royce sheet.jpg

SPI_T_GB_Tonga sheet.jpg



Millennium Print Group label s/a

Rolls Royce design sheet of promotional labels

Tonga stamps on promotional Walsall card

Sierra Leone Diamond stamp publicity card

 Sierra Leone Map stamp publicity card



 aTH_a_GB_ Walsall Tonga space Specimen.jpg



 Tonga stamps

Tonga stamps

 Specimen book with WSP history



Waterlow & Sons Limited, London.






Promotional labels: imperforate

 High value Castles presentation card

 1879 order from Waterlow's

 Trumpeter label in blue

 Trumpeter label in green


GB Waterlow folder 1.jpg

 GB Waterlow folder 2.jpg

 GB Waterlow folder 3.jpg


 Trumpeter label in red

 Folder page 1

 Folder page 2

 Folder page 3


Waterlow, Brothers & Layton, London.

SPI_T_GB_Waterlow bros_invoice.jpg





Old invoice from WB&L





Charles Whiting, London.

 aTH_a_GB Whiting essay2.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Whiting essay.jpg

 aTH_a_GB Whiting Essay blue.jpg

1838 Treasury sheet 1

1838 Treasury sheet 2

 1838 Treasury sheet 3

 1838 Treasury sheet 4

1838 Treasury sheet 5


Miscellaneous Greek Images

 aTH_a_Greece 2004 Olympic test.jpg





 Testing sheet of digital Olympics 2004 stamps