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Miscellaneous Canadian Images


SPI_T_CANADA_dummy roll.jpg

Testing labels. Source? CBN?

Dummy roll of testing labels. Canadian apparently, but do they not look more American?

Canadian experimental issue - printer unknown

Canadian experimental issue - printer unknown

Canadian experimental issue - printer unknown 

 aa_Canada Capex78 Specimens.jpg

 Canada Experiment2.jpg

Canada Admiral blue block.jpg 

Canada Admiral colour pairs.jpg 

Karsh dummy coil. CBN?

 Capex 78 Specimens

   Experiment 2

 Admirals Reversed 

 Admirals Reversed  

Canada Admiral reversed.jpg 

Canada Admirals.jpg 

 Canada Experiment.jpg



 Admirals Reversed  





Ashton Potter Limited, Toronto.


 Canada Capex 87 on 78.jpg

c_Canada ashtoin potter canada92.jpg 

Canada Capex 78 AP Specimen.jpg 


AP Canada 82 exhibition progressives card

 Capex 87 on Capex 78 card

 Canada 92 promotional sheet

  Capex 87 on Capex 78 card SPECIMEN


BABNC / BA Banknote, Ottawa.

Canada Capex 78 BABNC Specimen.jpg



Canada 78 SPECIMEN sheet

 Canada 82 cards

 Canada 82 card 



Canadian Bank Note Company Limited, Ottawa.

  tn_Canada Xmas booklet.jpg

 Canada Baby Sister blank imperf.jpg

Canada Baby Sister blue.jpg 

Canada Baby Sister carmine.jpg 

 Canada Baby Sister various.jpg

Sisters Booklet pane

 Baby sisters blank imperf

 Baby sisters blue

 Baby sisters carmine

 Baby sisters - mixed

 Canada baby sisters blocks.jpg

  Canada Capex 78 CBNC2 Specimen.jpg

Canada Capex 78 CBNC Specimen.jpg 



  Baby sisters - mixed

 Canada 78 SPECIMEN sheet

 Canada 78 SPECIMEN sheet 2



 Mcara Printing

Canada 878d_1.jpg 





 Personalised McAra stamp (right)