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George Wimmer essays of  US President Kennedy

Wimmer essays - perforated versions

 Wimmer essays - imperforate version

 Schubert essays - Wimmer

 Mozart essays - Wimmer




Austria 1955 Mozart Wimmer2.jpg 

 Austria 1955 Schubert Wimmer.jpg 

  Wimmer essays - various

   Wimmer essays - Haydn

 Wimmer essays - Mozart

Wimmer Mozart 1955

Wimmer Schubert 1955 

Austria 1963 Kennedy.jpg


Austria 1955 Strauss Wimmer.jpg  

Austria 1955 Wimmer.jpg 


  Wimmer Kennedy

    Wimmer essays - Schubert

Strauss Wimmer 1955

Beethoven Wimmer 1955


Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH, Vienna.

SPI_T_AUSTRIA_OSD_hay label.jpg

Testing labels

Testing labels

Testing labels

Testing labels

Photostamps from WIPA 2000 show


 Austria f4_1_b.jpg

Austria OSD stamp.jpg 



 Testing labels

 OSD Personalised stamp and wrapper bnd

OSD Personalised stamp inb folder