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Stamp Production Elements (2000)
The Changing Face of Stamp Production (2001)
GB British Stamp Printers Booklet (2006)
British Philatelic Variations from 1989 (2007
An Issue is Born (2007)
Novelty Print Techniques (2007)
The Machin Debate (2007)
Themed Stamps (2007)
Living People on Stamps (2007)
Balanced Programme (2007)
Joint Stamp Issues (2007)
Harry Potter - An Issue too Far? (2007)
The Main British Stamp Printers (2010)
Background to Production and Tendering (2011)
Stages of Production (2011)
Martyn Fry's Talk to Friends of BPMA (2014)

 How a Stamp is Made Video [USA]
(Viewing of above Discovery video is blocked in some countries such as UK)
 How a Stamp is Made Video  [UK]
L'Imprimerie Nationale du Timbre Poste a Perigueux Video [France]
 Making of the Danish Soulland Stamp [Denmark]
 Printing Postage Stamps Video [USA]
Production of the First Dutch Stamps at the Royal Mint [GPA, USA]
 A Visit to Phil@Poste Part 1 Video  [France]
 A Visit to Phil@Poste Part 2 Video  [France]

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