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Stamp Sensation: 1930s Poached Eggs (1990)
Royal Mail Stamp Vending Trials (1992)
Poached Eggs at the 1957 Scout Jubilee (1993)
Stamps by ATM: A Marriage of Convenience (1998)
Why Not Mail by Bank? (1999)
ATM Vending Report (1999)
Instant Smilers (2003)
Trial and Dummy Material (2003)
Christmas Trial Special Issue (2004)
Inclusive Design Stamp Books (2004)
Modern Philately (by Richard West) (2004)
ATM Stamp Dispensing (2005)
Cash Machine Stamps (2006)
Stamp Vending Machines: A History (2007)
Letters: Vending Query (2007)
News from the BPMA: New Acquisitions (2007)
The End of Dummy Books (2007)
Thomas Stamp Vending Machines in Britain and Ireland (2009)
Scottish Experimental Cartons (2010)
The GPO vends its first commemorative...
...stamps at the British Empire Exhibition
A Visit to Pitney Bowes by Friends of BPMA (2012)
The Development of British Postage Printed on Site (2012)
ABEL/BEAM Registration Machine (2012)
A Pictorial Record of Stamp Vending Machines 1858-1928 (2012)
Pitney Bowes and its British Pillar Post Machine of c1938  (2012)
Worldwide Postal Vending Trials to 1914 (2012)
British Stamp Vending Machines: An Update (2013)
British Machin Stamp Booklets (2013)

Philately: Site Plan